Sheep Hunting Season Starts Very Soon

Sheep Hunting Season Starts Very Soon

Sheep hunting season starts very soon in North America. Bait your traps accordingly. The best camouflage gear is still a long white lab coat, just like last year. Be patient as they approach the bait and then strike quickly, pumping them with the needles full of vaccine poison. Multiple injections work best of course. Good luck this year hunters. May the odds be ever in your favor. Whom ever bags the most sheep will get the usual prizes……..the bigger house, the bigger pay cheques, various government promotions and longer vacations. Don’t forget the calls that bring the sheep within striking distance like “vaccines are safe and effective” and “vaccines don’t cause Autism”. Shout those calls out loudly and display the bait in an open area. Walmart, big box stores, local pHARMacies and low end grocery stores have all reported the wild game literally lining up and taking the poison, without resistance. The sheep are more stunned this year than every before, so it should be a bumper crop. Best of the season to everyone.

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