Set Your Environment Up For Success………

If you’re waiting for someone to cheer-lead you into your best life, you’ll be waiting for a very long time. Do you think the guy making $90,000 a year secretly knows how to make $1 million per year? Do you think your parents want you to achieve more than they did? If you think people work standard 8-6 jobs when knowing the secrets to wealth or you think your parents would love to see you succeed well beyond their achievement levels……’ve never stepped inside a psychology library. Most parents want their kids to go to school, get a good job and plug into the miserable system of perpetual slavery because that’s what everyone else is doing and that’s what actors on the TV and in the movies are doing. What will actually make you healthy, happy and give you loads of leisure time so you can enjoy your short life…..never even crosses their minds. I know a lady who has 4 kids and one child is an absolute stunner of human perfection. Guess which one the Mom picks on the most and tries to bring down? You already know the answer because humans are afraid of successful and powerful people…..especially when the attacking party has always been afraid to rise up to their full potential themselves.

People want you to be like them, so they feel safe and secure about themselves…. and so they can avoid the need to change who they are, what they think or how they behave. The people who surround you don’t want you to succeed beyond what they’ve accomplished in life because it exposes how easy it can be done, if people just grow up and get on with it. In life we all have a choice. Do we fit in with the crowd, drive toward the mediocre and make everyone else around us feel safe because they want to hide in the corner their entire lives…………or we develop the courage to get attacked by the people in the cheap seats because we make our lives about something bigger and something more than trying to be everyone’s friend. If you think the person making $100,000 per year is going to cheer-lead your million dollar idea, don’t waste your breath or energy. Move away from the people who decorate their empty lives with wine, coffee, junk food, screen time and get moving toward something more grand than a new TV on the jail cell wall or a new rug on the jail cell floor. If you want more in your life….distance yourself from people who take shelter in underachievement, their mundane routines, the safe job and the mediocre. Surround yourself with dreamers, doers and people who are willing get down on the field of life and actually play the game.

I’m having a LIVE Overcoming Self Sabotage Event in October vIa ZOOM for anyone in the world. This event will teach all participants how to reprogram and master their subconscious mind, which is the part of their minds that drive them toward mediocrity….in an attempt to find safety inside the average. If someone does this in their adult years, they will indeed find safety…….but they’ll also find addiction, misery, depression, disease, struggle and dysfunction. To accomplish big goals and to live out big dreams, you need this information. This live EVENT is inexpensive, it’s effective and it’s quick. All details at this link. Discount pricing only active for another 3 days. Stop self sabotaging yourself. It’s time to show the world your gifts. No fear. All success. Take action today.

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