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You get both 2018 & 2019 presentation sets for a total of 8 videos in all.

Overcoming Self Sabotage – 4 videos

2019 Presentation

In my 2019 lecture on how to overcome self sabotage, I review the INTERNAL mechanisms that drive most humans to self sabotage. Herd based behavior, compliance to the norm and playing the safe cards in life are all explained in great detail within this live audio/video presentation. The mind has been proven to seek what’s familiar…..even if what’s familiar makes us poor, overweight, diseased, dysfunctional and depressed.

Our brain has a very particular design and that design can be hacked, to tilt the odds in our favor. At the end of this audio/video presentation, I teach you how to hack your own mind for success. If you’re looking to fully understand where your self sabotaging behaviors are coming from and if you want concrete solutions to implement in your life right now, so you can lead a more empowered existence, this presentation is exactly what you’re looking for.. 

Overcoming Self Sabotage – 4 videos

2018 Presentation

In my 2018 lecture on how to overcome self sabotage, I review mostly the EXTERNAL mechanisms that trick people into becoming perpetual saboteurs of their own success. In this very interesting and eye opening presentation, I review the very simple mind control techniques used by government and media, which lubricate a person’s slide into perpetual cycles of self sabotage. This is a no holds barred presentation that pulls back the curtain regarding the forces that govern us and the tactics they use to maintain their control at your expense.

Humans aren’t really designed to be this unhealthy, in debt and lacking the ability to care for themselves independently……..but with the implementation of some very simple mind control tactics commonly used by government and media, most people end up behaving in very illogical and irrational ways. If you’re looking to overcome your self sabotage by avoiding these well placed traps of government and media (designed to keep you in perpetual cycles of poverty, lack and struggle) than this presentation is exactly what you’re looking for. 

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