Self Sabotage – Taking on Child Like Characteristics To Gain Extra Attention and Energy (Neoteny)

This guy in the video below discusses a great word and concept called Neoteny, which is a word that describes “the child like features any animal has, that makes it prone to be cared for by others.” Humans are genetically designed to care for “cute”, “baby like”, “small things” etc…. and there are physical characteristics of all animals, which can trigger us to go up to that animal to “care” or “cuddle” them like it was our own child.

What people may not understand is that being fatter is part of the Neoteny characteristic set, because babies carry much larger fat stores than adults. Being helpless, defenseless and unable to care for oneself would also bring true adults toward babies and trigger our genetic drive to care and protect what ever we’re looking at. Could this be why so many ADULT humans today are overweight, helpless and act defenseless……… they can attract adult based attention to themselves, even though they are of adult age themselves? Something to think about inside the field of self sabotage……….that the vast majority of adults today are literally acting, thinking and looking like children, so they can get other adults always loving, caring and protecting them.

Is this why most of our population is trapped in a permanent childhood, so they can gain connection, because connection is almost extinct within our soulless, distracted and sedated society? An interesting self sabotage hypothesis that seems to fit ABSOLUTELY everything I’ve already read and have published personally on the subject. Again does an adult gain fatty content, act helpless, play the victim, seek life crisis and become purposely uninformed because it’s the easiest way to gain energy, attention and support inside a society that literally ignores and attacks healthy/mature citizens……..who are independent of the system? To me, this is an absolute guarantee, simply because it’s already proven that chronic self saboteurs  use failure and perpetual life crisis to harvest and collect energy from their environment and the people around them. Acting like an infant……by perpetually failing down, acting defenseless and crying for help………is what saboteurs are famous for, in their energy vampire like states. As described in previous articles, a child is always an energy taker, which is natural of course. The new born infant and child takes energy from the tribe…..and the tribe willingly gives its’ energy to the child, knowing that the child will one day become a functioning and contributing member of the tribe. Of course it feels good to be taken care of this, all the time. Being a kid is awesome because you have no responsibilities but when grown adults don’t want to leave their children, the society collapses and this is exactly what we’re seeing. Having our food collected and made for us as children, not understanding what it takes to survive in the real world and basically focusing on fun as primary pursuit……is all part of the natural cycle of being an “energy taker” infant or child.  As a child takes their natural right of passage, they’re supposed to morph into an adult and then mature into an energy giver to the tribe and to the next generation of children. It’s the only way a society can survive. And if you blend the information in the video below with what we’re seeing today in our culture……….the children are no longer wanting to take this natural right of passage (long into their adult years). Because of this most of our adults are becoming infant energy takers for life, sucking the tribe dry and giving nothing back in return. There are many concrete reasons for this but that’s not the point of this article. The point here is that our society is so soulless, boring and meaningless……….that no one really wants to mature into an adult because a permanent childhood is not only too much fun but it’s for ever encouraged by our corrupted media and government structures.

Why Do Disney Princesses All Look Like Babies?

I noticed something weird about Disney Princesses lately. Naturally, I had to examine it through the lens of science. The answer led me to new knowledge about human development, the domestication and taming of animals, and why we find things cute in the first place. You’ll never look at cartoons the same way again.

Posted by It's Okay to be Smart • PBS on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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