Safe and Effective – Except When Crippling and Fatal

Vaccines are safe and effective……….except in these cases where they crippled people for life and killed them. Evil will pay the fake paper currency out all night long for anyone willing to inject the vaccine poison. The people who organize this eugenic system are well aware that they can steal back the money at anytime but they’re also well aware that the money will be worthless in the future, with so many unable to function. Not only are the toxic vaccines engineered from high atop the corrupt ruling pyramid, the system itself doesn’t mind paying the fake paper money out to anyone willing to inject the poison……..because once everyone’s gone, the money is worthless anyway. And what does it really cost to print fake paper money? The cost is nothing but the paper itself. These people poisoned themselves for fancy ink printed on trees. Evil laughs at how easy it is to fool the humans into their own state sponsored stealth euthanasia.


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