Research Shows Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism…..

Vaccines don’t cause Autism, proven in the research……..except this research that proves vaccines cause Autism. At this point in the game, it’s not about the research regarding what happens to children when you inject documented poisons into them and call it vaccination. Where the debate is going now is where it should have gone all along……into the psychology of a parent who literally uses their child as currency, in order to pay the parent’s way into a inverted and satanic child sacrifice cult, which we call “our society”. People are vaccinating today because they’re afraid not to and that means fear, tyranny, control and ancient child sacrifice (disguised as government, science and medicine) are all involved in this issue. There are many reasons why people are injecting vaccine poison into their children……but none of those reasons have to do with the published research, which clearly documents that vaccinated children are being destroyed on every measurable level, no exceptions.


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