Programmed To Not Pay Attention

The most dangerous part of having a “job” is that most people who have jobs don’t pay attention to income opportunities outside their jobs. They figure their wage or salary is what they will make year after year, they’ll get some raises overtime and that’s where the dreaming sort of stops for most people. Most people make their dreams fit inside the resources their jobs provide for them. Most people trim their dreams, trading in their dreams for safety and security. This strategy does provide safety and security…..but it also provides immense increases in disease, depression, addictions and general feelings of a life not taken full advantage of.

Not paying attention to the outside world (because you have a steady job where you only envision that one income stream or level of income) is an extremely dangerous way to interface with life. This sort of adaptation to life will prove completely disastrous moving forward over the next 2 years…. because diabolical forces are at play currently and those forces are looking to completely devastate the financial resources of most humans today. These diabolical forces, given the way they’re making this highly immoral and illegal move on the world’s population, do have to leave various doors open……..which people who pay attention can indeed walk through. What this means is that there are massive opportunities occurring right now where wealth can be driven skyward……..but you really need to pay attention and as mentioned above, most people are literally programmed to not pay attention what so ever. Here’s a good start if you want to start investigating what’s coming and how you can benefit.

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