Podcast #92 – Jason Christoff – The COVID GONG SHOW

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Show notes for podcast #92 below…..

Justin Trudeau swearing in ceremony – pledging his loyalty to his Egyptian overlords masquarding as UK Royalty – bit.ly/3ujcy8T

Learn About The Beta Male Agenda……the agenda to rid the planet of the stronger males so this take over can move forward
1.The Agenda to Eliminate All Strong Males – bit.ly/2DEUpfa
2. The Rise of The Beta Male – The Agenda To Destroy the Alpha – bit.ly/2iUaDV1
3. Lady Gaga and The “Born This Way” Agenda – bit.ly/2DKN4tK
4. The Fall of Men and The Agenda Behind It – bit.ly/2pgnlAl
5. The Covert Agenda To Feminize The Male – Dave Chapelle Tells A Story – bit.ly/2S3BjT8
6. Strong Black Males Are Targets of The System – bit.ly/35DWTVX

John Taylor Gatto’s book “Weapons of Mass Instruction” – goverment schools are designed to dumb down children and make them dependent – bit.ly/3ukV24b

Sorry it was near 1000 deaths from the COVID vaccine officially on the VAERS site! – I said 650 or 600 – bit.ly/3k5OiT8

Link to the actual VAERS System – where you will find the COVID vaccine induced deaths and injuries – wonder.cdc.gov/controller/datarequest/D8

Vaccine Documentaries proving vaccines are designed to make people sick, weak and powerless – every other claim is an outright lie – bit.ly/3bsGhnt

Doctors and PhD scientists warning the public not to take the COVID vaccine – bit.ly/3ugjTX1

The Royal Family is directly related to Egyptian Pharaoh’s – these group of very old families (related by blood) have been killing us general humans on cue for thousands of years bit.ly/3ul60XI

PhD scientist tests 1500 samples said to have COVID and can’t find one sample that includes COVID – bit.ly/2NpXtSv

The PT-PCR machine being used to test for COVID is a complete fraud – bit.ly/2ZD4t0E

Find permanent residency in Nicaragua or Panama – bit.ly/3dxtd2E

Find permanent residency in Mexico – free event next Saturday – bit.ly/2MbZmSg

Canada deaths same between 2019 and 2020 – what kind of pandemic doesn’t produce any extra deaths? – a fake one of course – bit.ly/3pEvfjO

COVID vaccine animal studies – all the animals died – that is why there is no COVID vaccine for humans because any attempt to make a COVID vaccine for humans killed all the animals and wasn’t pursued – explained by medical doctor, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – bit.ly/3uhoVCz

Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum saying “you will own nothing and be happy” – ya……sounds amazing ! – bit.ly/37tfwOz

The swab is a weapon and so is Klaus Schwab of course – bit.ly/3aExlw1 – when you get tested in the nose – you are being injected with poison

Media and government proven lying to the public about COVID – bit.ly/3dAXtd1

Canadian reporter raising the fear response in the TV mind controlled population, that COVID is killing all these seniors but she doesn’t really do the job of a reporter because all these seniors that died received the COVID vaccine and the ones that didn’t were perfectly fine (at the same old folks home) – Facebook link – bit.ly/37utIGY

Mike Maloney – The Hidden Secrets of Money – bit.ly/3pDmtTw

Learn where to put your money and get started – talk for beginners in crypto and gold/silver – bit.ly/3pE4Cvt


  1. Alicia

    Hi Jason, We connected years ago on FB but I am no longer active on it. I’ve landed on your site in the time of cover here as vaccines start to role out and I don’t feel right about it. I wanted to read your articles but I cant seem to access any of the cover articles? The links aren’t working am I doing something wrong to read them?

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