Podcast #91 – Jason Christoff – How To Discover Who You Really Are

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Why are you drinking alcohol?
1. Alcohol is proven to cause cancer. bit.ly/2EF0lk7
2. Alcohol is proven to cause brain damage, even in moderation. wapo.st/2MX4QLT
3. Alcohol is proven to shorten life span in any amount. wapo.st/2Blg2Ap
4. Alcohol is proven to cause depression, schizophrenia and wide range of mental health disorders. bit.ly/2MAQ2FA
5. Study confirms the deaths of women by alcohol is sky rocketing, which was always the design. bit.ly/37jgyL3
6. Alcohol now proven to reduce life span and increase disease in any amount, just like cigarettes. bbc.in/2FDDE34
7. Alcohol is proven to increase the incidence and severity of viral infection. bit.ly/35uMR9o
8. Alcohol kills 3 million people every year. bit.ly/3bE3aCH
9. Top government staffer in the UK fired for explaining to the UK government that alcohol is the most dangerous drug on our planet. bit.ly/2H2asWY
10. New documentary regarding alcohol provides more insight – click here bit.ly/2LF4q1a to watch for FREE and the documentary starts at the 34 minutes and 20 second mark of this live on FB. It’s called Alcohol – The Magic Potion

Why are you drinking coffee? – jchristoff.com/14-little-known-facts-about-coffee/

Death by Medicine – www.webdc.com/pdfs/deathbymedicine.pdf


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