Podcast #88 – Jason Christoff – Tricking Humans To Hate Themselves

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Show notes for podcast #88 below…..

COVID found in ice cream in China – bit.ly/3pRVwMC

Australia finding COVID in sewer – bit.ly/36NzxPv

China now using anal swabs for COVID – wb.md/3cODVlg

Singing spreads covid farther – wb.md/3oCVJSx

Documentaries and related mind control material attached.
Out of The Shadows – bit.ly/2IRClCz
Micheal Tsarion – Architects of Control bit.ly/2OzVM2U
Alan Watt – Cutting Through The Matrix bit.ly/2qcrNiz
Prison Planet – State of Mind – bit.ly/2QbnP91
Jerry Kroth – American Propaganda – bit.ly/2IDyJk7
Adam Curtis – The Century of Self – bit.ly/35kvaZR
Psy-War – bit.ly/2ZQrHRH
Rule from The Shadows – bit.ly/2ElvE9y
Fear and Social Control – bit.ly/3mzlOly
Manipulating of the Masses – bit.ly/3mxqyrU
Media and The Generations – bit.ly/2G6w0Bh
Mark Passio – De-Mystifying The Occult – bit.ly/2PciPPe
Scott Retsima – Media on The Brain – bit.ly/2osR64p
CIA Mind Control MK-Ultra Documentary – bit.ly/2vi2d3F
TV Mind Control Documentary – bit.ly/2zRHyRH
Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism, and Vaccines Part 3 – bit.ly/3ogxSbV
Quincy Davis – Subconscious War – bit.ly/2BefCMd
Truth SteamMedia – The Minds of Men – bit.ly/2E1CygO
Interview with Chris Everard – bit.ly/2MuPj6O
Jordan Maxwell – The Naked Truth – bit.ly/1BuOYY6
Agenda 2 The Masters of Deceit – bit.ly/3bN0vtO
Agenda Grinding America Down – vimeo.com/13722147

School proven to make children dependent and kill independence – book written by our generation’s most famous school teacher – bit.ly/36MgrJm

Seniors Dying and Getting Sick Right After COVID Vaccine – Facebook link – bit.ly/3tsDbbj

Tsunami of deaths coming from the COVID vaccine – Instagram link showing a quick visit the US VAERS site (vaccine adverse event reporting system) – listing all the deaths and crippling caused by the new COVID vaccine – a study from Harvard years ago proved that only 1% of adverse vaccine events are ever reported – bit.ly/2Ml4MtG and here’s a direct link to the VAERS government website – bit.ly/36aIWQF

Documentary “HIV/AIDS – Fauci’s First Fraud” – bit.ly/3tBcnFC

Dr. Robert Willner explaining the HIV/AIDS is a complete and utter and fraud – bit.ly/36PRnBj

The Test For COVID Can’t Test for COVID – bit.ly/3pZUXk6

Canada has less deaths in 2020 compared to 2019 – knoema.com/atlas/Canada/Death-rate

Learn about the documented 10 stages of Genocide – bit.ly/36LRTAw

The system preys on the black community like no other – bit.ly/2YNXjq6

Climate change is a just another lie based hoax to legitimize killing humans and forcefully controlling who remains – bit.ly/2OdnZ1z

Learn about the people who rule you with any book at this added link – shop.davidicke.com/us/

Disease is never proven to spread from person to person – click on the link which takes you to an article – bit.ly/3mlRAlt the article has within in the published study – click on the study and scroll down to where it says – EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDIES

The Agenda to Destroy Strong and Vital Males…….
1.The Agenda to Eliminate All Strong Males – bit.ly/2DEUpfa
2. The Rise of The Beta Male – The Agenda To Destroy the Alpha – bit.ly/2iUaDV1
3. Lady Gaga and The “Born This Way” Agenda – bit.ly/2DKN4tK
4. The Fall of Men and The Agenda Behind It – bit.ly/2pgnlAl
5. The Covert Agenda To Feminize The Male – Dave Chapelle Tells A Story – bit.ly/2S3BjT8
6. Strong Black Males Are Targets of The System – bit.ly/35DWTVX

Interview with first account witness during the Spanish Flu – only the vaccinated dies – bit.ly/36O5qHQ

Spanish Flu information…..a Facebook link, so you need to be logged into Facebook to access this. bit.ly/2Zp4ne6


  1. Ingrid

    Hi Jason,
    Just discovered your great podcast! Thanks for the wonderful work you do.
    Question: How do I open the links from the show notes, I can’t open any of them.

    • Jason Christoff

      Are you still having any issues opening links Ingrid? If so please reach out for technical support to chris@freedomfromselfsabotage and we will help you attain access asap. Have a great evening!

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