Podcast #84 – Jason Christoff – Learn How To Spot Propaganda

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Show notes for podcast #84 below…..

Come work with me live this Sunday Jan 31st 2021 – overcome all your self sabotage and get healthy – bit.ly/3bMrzcx

Culling of minks – all part of the show – this group just likes killing things and always have – nbcnews.to/3puSI8b

BRAND NEW documentary exposing the world wide COVID – 19 psy-op – the one lie to rule them all – vrevealed.com/covid/trailer/

COVID found on ice cream – bit.ly/36nxuSa

Learn About The Beta Male Agenda……the attack on a males
1.The Agenda to Eliminate All Strong Males – bit.ly/2DEUpfa
2. The Rise of The Beta Male – The Agenda To Destroy the Alpha – bit.ly/2iUaDV1
3. Lady Gaga and The “Born This Way” Agenda – bit.ly/2DKN4tK
4. The Fall of Men and The Agenda Behind It – bit.ly/2pgnlAl
5. The Covert Agenda To Feminize The Male – Dave Chapelle Tells A Story – bit.ly/2S3BjT8
6. Strong Black Males Are Targets of The System – bit.ly/35DWTVX

The COVID Test Doesn’t Test for COVID – bit.ly/2Mekbwl

Media and government proven to lying about COVID – bit.ly/2MBPD7G

COVID now being found inside meat packaging facilities – bbc.in/3aiLfSW

Some info on the issues of veganism – men especially need the saturated fats in meat to form proper levels of testosterone and growth hormone – youtu.be/8_CXwa-_5Uk

Watch your subconscious perform it’s very odd function with these very short videos

Mind control example #1 – bit.ly/2z2pt7D
Mind control example #2 – bit.ly/2Azu6GC
Mind control example #3 – bit.ly/3dDOftW
Mind control example #4 – bit.ly/2Xuq3V5
Mind control example #5 – bit.ly/2LV7fvd
Mind control example #6 – bit.ly/3ivPxKG

Disease is never proven to spread from person to person – click on the link which takes you to an article – bit.ly/3mlRAlt the article has within in the published study – click on the study and scroll down to where it says – EPIDEMIOLOGICAL STUDIES

Montreal getting ready to ban cars and drive all the slaves onto the trains for work…but you’ll need to get the vaccine of course, because you’re so close to everyone else, when that theory of disease transmission has never been proven – bit.ly/3cpZfgu

China Social Credit System – www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOcqTswwbFo

Pedophile Info and yes some links are dead in the censorship era but there’s a enough live ones – jchristoff.com/government-and-el…tivity-explained/

Pink Marines – Sexual Blackmail for Controlling Senior Military Personal – youtu.be/MQNitCNycKQ

Banker telling of the same black mailing scheme of high ranking officials – regarding getting officials to participate in child sacrifice and child sex (and filming them of course) – bit.ly/3orwWBz

Come work with me live this Sunday Jan 31st 2021 – overcome all your self sabotage and get healthy – bit.ly/3bMrzcx


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