Podcast #83 – Jason Christoff – X-Ray Tech Dies After COVID Vaccine

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Show notes for podcast #83 below…..

News report of poor Tim Zook dying after his second shot of the COVID vaccine – (the Pfizer vaccine) –bit.ly/36kj6K2

Vaccine documentaries proving vaccine do not improve immunity or resistance to disease – bit.ly/3a76I1g

Instagram link showing a quick visit the US VAERS site (vaccine adverse event reporting system) – listing all the deaths and crippling caused by the new COVID vaccine – a study from Harvard years ago proved that only 1% of adverse vaccine events are ever reported – bit.ly/2Ml4MtG and here’s a direct link to the VAERS government website – bit.ly/36aIWQF

Massive collection of social media posts from people themselves who experienced death of family/friends or personal crippling from the COVID vaccine – bit.ly/3qLlbXp

Conclusive – the PCR machine is s stage prop, purposely picked to pump false positives in healthy people – bit.ly/3oioaVs

In the middle of this video medical doctor (Dr. Sam Bailey) clearly proves COVID-19 as a virus has yet to be isolated and that means the government and media are lying about it being the cause of sickness – youtu.be/EWNkJUDctdk

List of possible side effects a facebook link – bit.ly/2YmzhCp

Facebook link regarding the dangers of ventilators – bit.ly/3t2VNhR

Dr. Scott Jensen can be seen inside this article, via video, testifying to the fact that US medical hospitals are being rewarded for using ventilators when they’re not needed and to diagnose patients with COVID, when they don’t have COVID – jchristoff.com/government-and-me…t-covid-pandemic/

COVID vaccine not proven to protect a defense against COVID…..so why take it – childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/no…-infection/

Barack Obama legalizes the use of behavior modification psychology against the American public – www.businessinsider.com/ndaa-legalize…aganda-2012-5

US death rates proven there’s no pandemic – bit.ly/3iVt3Tq

Come help us raise money for defending our constitutional and human rights world wide – www.constitutionalrightscentre.ca/live-broadcast/

Dr. Dolores Cahill explains the dangers of the COVID vaccine – bit.ly/2M4fdlW

A large group of medical doctors and PhD scientists warning against the COVID vaccine – bit.ly/39q3Ehs

Other links will be added throughout the day……..


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