Podcast #70 – Knowledge Brings Hope

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Show Notes for podcast #70

The PCR Deception from medical doctor, Dr. Joe Mercola –bit.ly/3sev69k

The Great Reset – a short description from the CBN News Network – FB link so have your FB open if you click it – bit.ly/3nBSEl7

EMF Course – maybe a solution to offering a service online, which you can charge for – electropollutionfix.com/

The Crypto Vigilante is offering a mini course free on how to stay private inside a society where the government and corporations are trying to spy on absolutely everything you do – bit.ly/3oC1jFk

Catherine Austin Fitts also reviews what the end goal is for the group of mentally defective billionaires now trying to make sure no one flies, no one vacations, no one eats, no one is healthy, no one reproduces and no one is free other than them – bit.ly/3nyZ0Sc

Nurse Faints After Pfizer vaccine in US – now believed dead – media is silent after filming the fainting – death records indicate she has died – she worked on a COVID ward of a hospital for 8 months and never was sick – 17 minutes after the vaccine – faints and evidence is mounting that she is dead – bit.ly/2LBxgz8

More bad reactions to the vaccine – bit.ly/3ozQxQ7

Hundreds sent to emergency rooms after the vaccine – bit.ly/3oAt2Xa

Doctor in Miami dies after the COVID vaccine – bit.ly/3oADEW0

Medical doctors and scientists warn against taking the COVID vaccine – bit.ly/3qa2oVh

Pedophile article still has lots of live links and videos regarding government, corporate and religious based pedophiles who haunt the bastions of power in our society – jchristoff.com/government-and-el…tivity-explained/

Adam Curtis “Oh Dearism” explained – a way to rule the masses through confusion and contradictory information……..- bit.ly/3i3dVmt

China now turning on its people as well, as is the governing structure mastered there and now that structure is trying to be implemented world wide – we see the grocery stores closing in China and food delivery starting – control of the food supply by a group already faking the pandemic and poisoning the world with a toxic vaccine and printing trillions of dollars and stealing it or giving it to their friends – bit.ly/3q8wmJp

Cuba – this is what socialism looks like in real time – and this is where the Davos and Bilderberg Group is trying to drive the entire world – bit.ly/39qA8qI

Come work with me live online in January – bit.ly/3nD6L9I

Vaccine documentary and book list – bit.ly/39qxf9k


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