Podcast #55 – Jason Christoff – Let’s Spread The Word and Let’s Be Free

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Show Notes for podcast #55 below.

Book called “The Devil Takes the Youngest” by Winkie Pratney – just in case you want to know why we’ve been turned into a child death cult that needs to poison everything alive to feel good about ourselves – we’re ruled by a very ancient evil death cult disguised in as own government and it’s also disguised as medicine, science and media – amzn.to/2KbEwkt

Here’s the cult of COVID video – I was very impressed with the speaker and his amazing performance – bit.ly/3nvWmNz

Doug Ford’s medical advisor admits that the government of Ontario can’t test teachers for COVID because the test is fraudulent and it provides 50% false positives! So why are you testing everyone else with the same test Doug? It’s because Doug is pregnant with corruption and about to give birth to the NWO in Ontario. bit.ly/3f9X7J5

Doug Ford’s government in Ontario faked deaths first earlier in the summer, in order to declare a fake state of emergency (when none was warranted) so the govenrment could eventually use the RT-PCR on the public to inflate COVID positive infections using the fraudulent test – in order to destroy the public where they stand through economic bankruptcy. bit.ly/3pBj4ps

Here we have my article with lots of info regarding the COVID test not being able to test for COVID – the positive cases are being fabricated from regular people getting tested, who are perfectly healthy – jchristoff.com/covid-test-doesnt-test-for-covid/

Here’s some stats in the UK reviewed, proving every positive case of COVID is very likely a false positive or at least very close to a 100% false positive level – bit.ly/3lCikhr

Tamiflu side effects – given to seniors who have been poisoned with the flu shot, to finish them off holocaust style – a nice polite holocaust but a genocidal campaign by government none the less – only modern humans throw their parents to the wolves like this – www.drugs.com/sfx/tamiflu-side-effects.html

Ticket Master setting some bait down for the slaves – there’s no intention of concerts again or travel – it’s just bait so the slaves believe they can be free if they take the needle full of poison – after that it’s nighty night for the TV Watchers – globalnews.ca/news/7457999/ticke…19-vaccine-canada/

Pfizer declares vaccine is 90% effective but of course not many people knows what that means – this vaccine is going to be 100% effective at crippling or killing the uninformed folks who don’t want to do the research – www.cnn.com/2020/11/09/health/p…ffective/index.html

Pfizer also starts the pre conditioning mind control media releases making sure that the slave class knows the vaccine will indeed make them sick – the slave is supposed to say “it’s working” as the lay dying – anyone believing this load of horse shit is in big trouble but then again at least 30% of the population does fall in this category – it’s sheep hunting season and there are no limits this year – fire at will – bag as many sheep as you – – yhoo.it/35Ebx1c

This is an extra bonus video not mentioned in the podcast – Pfizer is also a well known criminal enterprise, paying billions in criminal conduct fines – bit.ly/38NkhDU

And as promised a good talk on the lie of antibodies making you immune by Dr. Toni Bark – bit.ly/35EbJNY


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