Podcast #52 – Jason Christoff – CDC Admits COVID Virus Isn’t Isolated

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Show Notes for podcast #52 below.

Come work with me in 2 weeks to overcome your self sabotage – bit.ly/312WP0L

Here we see talk of the COVID camps in Canada – bit.ly/2GTpOxh

Here’s a good review of the CDC document explaining the COVID virus isn’t isolated – bit.ly/36XgC5H

Here’s Dr. Andrew Kaufman explaining the exact same about the COVID virus, it’s not been isolated and it hasn’t satisfied Koch’s Postulate for declaring a virus exists – bit.ly/33SgCBR

Here’s a lady getting attacked in Australia by police on the beach while pregnant – dailym.ai/2IrS1M7

John Taylor Gatto’s free book proving government schooling is designed to produce an unlimited supply of dependent order takers – bit.ly/2SNA24L

HIV – Facui’s First Fraud – Fauci at it again 30 years ago, using the same fake PCR process to declare a killer disease, which again was never proven to exist……..and then Fauci killing those people with a killer drug AZT. Now we have Fauci doing the same, with the intent on just killing people in COVID camps and with a euthanasia vaccine – bit.ly/3jVEUAI

Grade 7 student proves all US Presidents related to a secret society King of Britain – these folks are obsessed with genetics – correction I said it was a French King – bit.ly/3lHEFtv

An Australian official now talking extremely dangerous words, regarding people not being safe in their own homes from COVID………so in propaganda language that means the government can come in and take over your home and remove you, since you’ve already acquiesced to them fighting COVID where ever it is – bit.ly/2SOqLsW – your house has COVID but the room in the COVID concentration camps don’t have COVID – come on people…….think before it’s too late

President of Tanzania explains how the COVID test (the PCR) tested COVID positive on a goat, motor oil and also some fruit – bit.ly/3lC6QtC

Kazakhstan President says The WHO wanted to bribe him with 1 billion dollars if he locked down his people and crashed his economy…….he said no because he can’t be bought by Gates and the criminals in power – bit.ly/3jXp60d


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