Podcast # 50 – Jason Christoff – There’s Still Time To Prepare

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Show Notes for podcast #50 below.

Learn About Mind Control and How to Overcoming Your Self Sabotage At My Latest Online Event – bit.ly/3mcdc46

Dr Andrew Kaufman Explaining The COVID Does Not Exist and Has Never Existed – bit.ly/3kqAHF6

EX-KGB Agent Yuri Bensmenov Explains How Communist Forces Wait Patiently To Take Over Decadent Societies Like Ours – this lecture was given 40 years ago – bit.ly/3c3vmR4

Viruses Never Proven Contagious – bit.ly/34FVsaU

Mikki Willis Interview with Pete Evans – talking about Dr. Fauci killing people back in the HIV/AIDS era with AZT – bit.ly/3iV93zI

Proof of the HIV/AIDS Fraud and of course Facui is right in the middle of it AGAIN – bit.ly/32RpdUV

Short documentary called “AIDS – Fauci’s First Fraud” – same thing back then – fake testing – fake positive tests – killing people with toxic medical applications when they’re not sick or if they were sick, it’s undernourishment, which toxic drugs only make worse – as Fauci and his crew literally murder people, they pay the media to say it was HIV/AIDS when HIV/AIDS was never proven to even exist……SOUND FAMILIAR? bit.ly/3mJVzZA

Dr. Vernon Coleman – LISTEN TO THIS if you want to know what’s really going on – bit.ly/33ISKzu

Countries, flags, country names, borders…….all fake – bit.ly/2RKRDtl

Truth about the Oklahoma City Bombing – bit.ly/35V5BRV

Truth About 9/11 – bit.ly/3cmFrII

Vaccines have never been proven to reduce infection or resistance to disease – bit.ly/32RcVw4

G Edward Griffin talks about how communists have always plotted to take over the US……and Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico. Europe…..and anywhere else where people operate freely and outside tyrannical ruling family control – bit.ly/3mFWU3D

Weapons expert recounts fatal outcomes that could be delivered through regular medical applications…….(like COVID testing) – bit.ly/32OQkju


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