Podcast # 49 – Emergency Update

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Show Notes for podcast #49 below.

Learn About Mind Control and How to Overcoming Your Self Sabotage At My Latest Online Event – bit.ly/3mcdc46

Dr Andrew Kaufman Explaining The COVID Does Not Exist and Has Never Existed – bit.ly/3kqAHF6

EX-KGB Agent Yuri Bensmenov Explains How Communist Forces Wait Patiently To Take Over Decadent Societies Like Ours – this lecture was given 40 years ago – bit.ly/3c3vmR4

Viruses Never Proven Contagious – bit.ly/34FVsaU

Dr. Carrie Madej Explains Some Very Shocking Aspects to the COVID-19 Vaccine -(I may have not been as clear as I should have with the description of this attack on humanity – you get injected with a weaponized substance inside the super toxic COVID vaccine, you become a transmitor to your cell phone and then your cells phone transmits to the closest 5G tower and if you get within 6 feet of someone else, their cell phone would pick you up as well, screwing up the data mining results, which in turn are used to rule you with an iron fist…..therefore the need for the 6 foot distance). bit.ly/3kC6vXJ

Dr, Joseph Mercola Explains Just How Much Your Tech Is Spying On You In This Interview With Paul Chek – bit.ly/3hF1iMP

Why Google Is Stealing and Recording Everything About You – It’s Called The Wisdom of The Crowd (I was a bit off with my numbers describing this video but the theme is still very much intact) – bit.ly/3knv4aA


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