Podcast #48 Jason Christoff – Top 10 Ways To Defend Against This Marxist Take Over

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Show Notes for podcast #48 below.

Learn About Mind Control and How to Overcoming Your Self Sabotage At My Latest Online Event – bit.ly/3mcdc46

Proof All The Corrupt Forces At The Top of The Pyramid Are Related By Blood – bit.ly/2FzvN9k

Learn About Your Ancient Human Farmers In David Icke’s Book – The Children of the Matrix –bit.ly/3hnH6i9

The Brain Damage Agenda – All The Ways Your Government Causes You And Your Children Brain Damage – bit.ly/2ZBDSBH

Top 50 Health Tips – Clean Up Your Health – Stay Strong – bit.ly/35BZIZB

Mind control example #1 – bit.ly/3dDOftW
Mind control example #2 – bit.ly/2Azu6GC
Mind control example #3 – bit.ly/2z2pt7D
Mind control example #4 – bit.ly/2Xuq3V5

Dr Mecola and Paul Chek Discuss the Dangers of Google and All Other Surveillance and Control Based Media Platforms – bit.ly/3mjs54M

My Recent Post On Facebook About Why Your Paper Currency Will Be Worthless Soon – bit.ly/2RpBpWp

Mike Maloney Explains Why Your Paper Currency Will be Worthless Soon – bit.ly/32rNZLm

Side Hustles and Plan B’s Online – bit.ly/32rpGgD

640 German Medial Doctors Explain That COVID is a Worldwide Scam – bit.ly/2ZBF5Jf

Dr. Andrew Kaufman Describes That COVID is Fake On Every Account – www.bitchute.com/video/r9MG7YY5CrpL/

John Taylor Gatto’s Book – Weapons of Mass Instruction – bit.ly/32oO56q

Some Advice on Cryptocurrency and Gold/Silver – bit.ly/2RmXBjZ

COVID TEST DOESN’T Test For COVID – bit.ly/3kiLbpX

The Agenda to Feminze And Weaken All Men
1.The Agenda to Eliminate All Strong Males – bit.ly/2DEUpfa
2. The Rise of The Beta Male – The Agenda To Destroy the Alpha – bit.ly/2iUaDV1
3. Lady Gaga and The “Born This Way” Agenda – bit.ly/2DKN4tK
4. The Fall of Men and The Agenda Behind It – bit.ly/2pgnlAl
5. The Covert Agenda To Feminize The Male – Dave Chapelle Tells A Story – bit.ly/2S3BjT8
6. Strong Black Males A Government Target – bit.ly/35DWTVX

300 Movie Clip – The Female Controls The Warrior Male For the Betterment of the Tribe – bit.ly/2ZzByeo


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