Podcast #114 – Jason Christoff – Three Ways They’re Destroying You – Inflation, Poison and Satanism

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Show notes for podcast #114 below…..

Learn about “The Dependency Agenda” – bit.ly/3kOzw5H

Mike Maloney – Learn the Basics of Money – bit.ly/3iNSYgj

Mind Control Via Poverty Programming – bit.ly/3i1l60c

SARS-COV-2 doesn’t exist – bit.ly/3y7u7uq

Viruses don’t exist in the way advertised and they don’t CAUSE disease – bit.ly/3eUkMhL

No extra deaths in Canada from 2019 – 2020 – bit.ly/33aylDH

Deaths the same in the US between 2019 and 2020……and the survival rate for COVID is 99.96% – bit.ly/398Fd7Q

Lawsuit information filed by America’s Frontline Doctors – bit.ly/3zxEXKl

Vaccine deaths already reported in the US – not counting the statistical tracking discovered by America’s Frontline Doctors – bit.ly/2W8ndGY

Vaccine deaths reported in the EU and only 23 out of the 50 EU countries are even reporting, so the death counts are much higher – bit.ly/2V7iLI3

Vaccine deaths in the UK – and again each government is doing everything it can to stop people from finding these reporting sites and reporting vaccine induced deaths and injuries – bit.ly/3x7xi3D

Scottish COVID vaccine deaths and this figure had to come via a Freedom of Information Act request – sorry I said Ireland in the podcast – my mistake – bit.ly/3yg2AGU

The test for COVID is the RT-PCR machine and there’s one problem – it can’t test for any disease – the inventor said so as well – bit.ly/3i0vfdn

Spanish researchers discover that extremely toxic graphene oxide is the primary ingredient in the COVID vaccines – this is also found on many “government approved masks” and some has been found on the swabs as well used for the fraudulent COVID testing – bit.ly/2UO4mk9

Bill Gates is anti meat because to build strong men, it’s most easily done with healthy pastured meat – Bill Gates is “anti meat” period and that should be a major read flag – bit.ly/3i29o5p

Beef factories shut down for failing fake COVID tests and for faked cyber attacks – all planned by Gates and his psychopathic Davos groups – bbc.in/3iEzrie and bbc.in/36WpJSS

Ex KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov explains the power of causing a destabilization of the minds and economies, of the targeted area you want to invade and take over – bit.ly/3iNVV0n

Learn lots about mind control with these documentaries – bit.ly/36UZ5Ke

Under the Right Environmental Conditions – Humans Will Just Kill Themselves and Not Only With The Vaccines – With Everything – A Holocaust 2.0 Where You Kill Yourself Is Now Underway
Suicides are skyrocketing – bit.ly/3x6iIcK
Drug overdoses are skyrocketing – bit.ly/3eSG935
Alcohol sales during lock downs – bit.ly/3eRT4Cy

CIA always smuggling drugs into the US to help people euthanize themselves and to trigger profit oriented disaster capitalism – lead by Bill Clinton of course – bit.ly/2V878ki and bit.ly/3kPzY3t and bit.ly/3kT3SEi

Caffeine is designed to kill and cripple and that’s why it’s everywhere – bit.ly/3rvKuhP

Alcohol is available for the same reason – to make the slaves weak, inept and unable to lead themselves – bit.ly/3rxE3KZ

Learn about the people in our society tricked into never growing up – bit.ly/3eNKMvl

Church of Satan – bit.ly/3y3s2j9

Doctors explaining that the COVID vaccine isn’t safe and is in fact a genocidal a bioweapon – bit.ly/3BzYdst

This “injection” isn’t a vaccine by any medical or scientific definition – bit.ly/3k2g5Gf

Circumcision – zero benefit for the infant – all the benefit for the people organizing the crime – this is Satanism in its truest form – bit.ly/2TAZJti

Canadian doctors silenced after COVID vaccine killing and crippling their patients – bit.ly/3rxyUTi

US smoking spends on average over 1 million in their lifetime killing themselves and being an chronic underachiever – bit.ly/3y30OsP

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  1. Natalie

    Hi Jason, the gate links are down

    • Jason Christoff

      Find a laptop and tell me if you get the same. Many phones are blocking the links.

    • Jason Christoff

      Are you able to access them successfully now? Thanks for the heads up this seems to happen from time to time. Have a great evening!

  2. Michael

    I admit it may be my phone so I need to try a computer but these “bit.Ly” links are not working for me – I get a blank page

    • Jason Christoff

      Yes are you on an Apple device. Apple is a main cabal owned and operated system.

  3. Mrs. Diane Hogarth

    Hi Jason,

    I added my email to your form above, clicked ‘signup’ and the following message appeared: subscription error: the contact list 1125396364 does not exist. Thought you’d like to know.