Podcast #113 – Jason Christoff – Canada’s Population Set To Drop by 11 Million by 2025. Here’s Why!

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Show notes for podcast #113 below…..

Podcast 1 year old explaining the economic benefit of killing the seniors with fake vaccines or other euthanasia based medical applications – User-50904611 – Podcast-24-thrive-series-final-whats-coming-and-how-to-be-ready

Only 1-10% of vaccine deaths and reactions are ever reported and still the death and injury numbers are off the chart – bit.ly/2UFxIkc

EU deaths from the fake vaccine – bit.ly/3e3nUHQ
US deaths from the fake vaccine – bit.ly/3hwJHtC
UK deaths from the fake vaccine – bit.ly/3yGF4CP

Deagel population estimates for Canada and other countries – bit.ly/2VAgRQw

Doctors and PhD scientists explain the dangerous of the poison laced covid injection – bit.ly/36teKjA

Trudeau gives $800 to The WHO, a private company, aiming to trick 2 billion people to vaccine genocide themselves – www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronaviru…ovid-19-1.4923565

Humans are easy to brainwash and mind control – jchristoff.com/mind-control-docu…-of-mind-control/

Doctors and nurses always employed by government in all holocausts – and they are always advertised as heroes within that country’s propaganda – www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz8ge4aw8Ws

Graphene is the mega toxin found in all the fake covid vaccines – Graphene a very toxic compound discovered in all fake covid vaccines – bit.ly/3hrA8Mm

Each injection doesn’t qualify under standard definitions as a vaccine – bit.ly/3k2g5Gf and at the same link it reviews that no vaccine maker promises that their product protects from COVID or prevents transmission – so why take it?

Fiji forcing government workers to inject the poison – www.ndtv.com/world-news/coronav…abs-no-job-2482606

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