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First Nation graves of children murdered by the catholic school, on the say so of the Canadian government (UK Royal satanists) – bit.ly/3AuElGM

UK Royals tied through genetic lineage to ancient child sacrifice death cult out of Carthage – amzn.to/2Uriy1V

This child sacrifice death cult was The Cult of Molech – bit.ly/3jFucRp

Documentary about ancient UK Royals – bit.ly/3xn9b20

Book from 1798 titled “Proof of a Conspiracy” – bit.ly/3jO7HKp

Doctors and PhD scientists come out to explain the many horrors of the COVID injection, which isn’t a vaccine – bit.ly/3hCv9ar

Teens getting destroyed by the fake vaccine, heart issues – bit.ly/3e1m9en

US vaccine deaths and injuries – bit.ly/3jIGPew
UK vaccine deaths and injures – bit.ly/3hgv6SK
EU vaccine deaths and injuries – bit.ly/3jHFWTv

My podcast on the death cult controlling our governments – bit.ly/2V30Q5f

Several Catholic churches getting burnt down in Canada – bit.ly3AsYMUs

My first podcast on the murder of first nation’s children – bit.ly/36f1Llm

My second podcast on the murder of first nation’s children – bit.ly/2TBavQ3

Dr. Charles Hoffe warning that the fake COVID vaccine is crippling first nations – bit.ly/3htxmoM

Anti Male Agenda is well documented
1.The Agenda to Eliminate All Strong Males – bit.ly/2DEUpfa
2. The Rise of The Beta Male – The Agenda To Destroy the Alpha – bit.ly/2iUaDV1
3. Lady Gaga and The “Born This Way” Agenda – bit.ly/2DKN4tK
4. The Fall of Men and The Agenda Behind It – bit.ly/2pgnlAl
5. The Covert Agenda To Feminize The Male – Dave Chapelle Tells A Story – bit.ly/2S3BjT8
6. Strong Black Males Are Targets of The System – bit.ly/35DWTVX

Vitamin K shot is toxic – bit.ly/2UmHmbF

Vitamin K shots also include aluminum – already proven to cause brain damage = bit.ly/3hCVNjw

Author Jeanice Barcelo on medical birthing trauma – bit.ly/2UpCjHr

Book “Death By Medicine” proving conventional medicine is designed to kill – bit.ly/36cBowz

Vaccine documentaries – vaccines NEVER proven to increase immunity EVER – only proven to worsen health – all by design bit.ly/3hE0Dxf

Pharmacist shows that COVID vaccine contains a BLANK insert – bit.ly/3hBJNPu

SM-102 a cancer causing ingredient in the modern fake COVID vaccine – bit.ly/3jHNbed

Tylenol – liver damage and brain damage – bit.ly/3dInUgc

Vaccines concretely proven to cause the brain damage known as Autism – bit.ly/3jI1tvf

Brain damaging aluminum in allergy shots – bit.ly/3ykkqs4

Book “Weapons of Mass Instruction” – schools designed to make children stupid and dependent – bit.ly/3dGwtYO

MMR vaccine lists hearing loss as side effect – bit.ly/36e9hNq

Ultrasounds are destroying children – bit.ly/3dIGZyC

Soy based baby formula – poison for your child – bit.ly/2SPujyY

Lead in baby formula – bit.ly/3xkIxGZ

Circumcision down regulates brain function – bit.ly/3whjMu2

Scholar explains the truth about circumcision – bit.ly/3jFAZun

Kids delivered by c-section are sicker – bit.ly/3qNFG75

Pedophiles in government and big business- bit.ly/3xndBpC

Remaining links coming tomorrow

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