Podcast #109 – Jason Christoff – Government Targeting Minorities with Unapproved COVID Vaccine

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Show notes for podcast #109 below…..

Canadian Government’s vaccine promotion ad – https://bit.ly/2Sr70Ls

Canadian government gives NHL hockey team permission to cross a fake border and not quarantine for a fake virus  – https://reut.rs/2RG9kOz

COVID virus not proven to even exist – https://bit.ly/2SgacK8

When asked officially, the Canadian government is forced to admit that SARS-COV-2 (covid -19) doesn’t exist – https://bit.ly/3pKAS1J

Canada is 73% white skinned people – so why is the commercial for the vaccination predominantly non-white – are minority groups getting VIP treatment or are they getting the usual treatment from a eugenic government? – https://bit.ly/3pD3nyg

Last podcast regarding native genocide here in Canada,  https://bit.ly/3g8BGds

Ex freemasonic lodge member) talking about the inner circle’s intent to remove minorities from the planet – https://bit.ly/2RD0n8w

Bill Cooper talks about government’s removing minorities through toxic vaccination – https://bit.ly/3pPqZA5

Social engineering clip via depopulation – https://bit.ly/35cfKrz

AIDS/HIV also a complete hoax – HIV never proven to exist – fake testing and minority euthanasia  ….and Fauci  – https://bit.ly/3zfuFzd

Gates involved in population control through toxic vaccination – https://bit.ly/3ivtYMf

Bill Gates stating 4 times that vaccines can reduce population by 15%  – bit.ly/2OW3fvM

Bill Gates and his family exposed – bit.ly/3sgL8iz

Gates and all eugenicists still targeting the minority population today for removal – bit.ly/3sfyeS9

Discover what eugenics is from a historical perspective – bit.ly/3flONID

The test for COVID (the RT-PCR machine) can’t test for any disease –   – https://bit.ly/2TjEmfi

Black communities getting destroyed by toxic vaccines – https://bit.ly/2ThfBkd

Come work with me and learn about mind control, brainwashing and behavior modification – https://bit.ly/3g978Zm

US death and injury numbers from the COVID vaccine – https://bit.ly/3pDzjCB

EU death and injury numbers from the COVID vaccine – https://bit.ly/3v7ErQD

Dr Charles  Hoffe  – https://bit.ly/3iBcs9z

Freemasonic fake companies like Nestle trying to kill indingengous people in the Amazon with junk food – https://bit.ly/3w9L1rl

Clintons well known for smuggling cocaine –  bit.ly/3gb3AEq

The CIA caught smuggling cocaine into the US –  youtu.be/lx1bL_Gp03g and youtu.be/qNFUrRgbOyY

Conventional medicine the #1 cause of premature death all around the world – https://bit.ly/2SfdTjf

US still owned by UK Royals – https://bit.ly/3v9TxoH

Most past Presidents direct decedents of UK Royals – https://bit.ly/3gonSuh

All the countries are fake and owned by the same group – https://bit.ly/3g74fbb

It’s obvious who owns and runs Canada – https://bit.ly/3pBExyZ

Mind control documentaries –
Pseudology – bit.ly/3gZmn7P
Out of The Shadows – bit.ly/2IRClCz
Micheal Tsarion – Architects of Control bit.ly/2OzVM2U
Alan Watt – Cutting Through The Matrix bit.ly/2qcrNiz
Prison Planet – State of Mind – bit.ly/2QbnP91
Jerry Kroth – American Propaganda – bit.ly/2IDyJk7
Adam Curtis – The Century of Self – bit.ly/35kvaZR
Psy-War – bit.ly/2ZQrHRH
Rule from The Shadows – bit.ly/2ElvE9y
Fear and Social Control – bit.ly/3mzlOly
Manipulating of the Masses – bit.ly/3mxqyrU
Media and The Generations – bit.ly/2G6w0Bh
Mark Passio – De-Mystifying The Occult – bit.ly/2PciPPe
Scott Retsima – Media on The Brain – bit.ly/2osR64p
CIA Mind Control MK-Ultra Documentary – bit.ly/2vi2d3F
TV Mind Control Documentary – bit.ly/2zRHyRH
Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism, and Injectable Medicine Part 3 – bit.ly/3ogxSbV
Quincy Davis – Subconscious War – bit.ly/2BefCMd
Truth SteamMedia – The Minds of Men – bit.ly/2E1CygO
Interview with Chris Everard – bit.ly/2MuPj6O
Jordan Maxwell – The Naked Truth – bit.ly/1BuOYY6
Agenda 2 The Masters of Deceit – bit.ly/3bN0vtO
They Live – vimeo.com/400848529
Agenda – Grinding America Down – bit.ly/3tj37Vg

Learn about Agenda 21, 2020 and 2030 – https://bit.ly/2Td3BQA

Did you know the Royal family are from Egypt – youtu.be/zAcZf_PJLJk

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