Podcast #108 – Jason Christoff – Genocide of indigenous Community Still Happening Today in Canada

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Show notes for podcast #108 below…..

Government and Catholic Church murdered 215 first nations children in Kamloops BC less than 100 years ago but this genocidal agenda has never stopped – https://bit.ly/3ikCIof

This group’s killing spree is recorded everywhere and today we’re living inside the biggest killing spree they’ve ever organized – https://bit.ly/3clL6A0

This death cult is very old, read this book “The Devil Take the Youngest” by Winky Pratney – they love killing children – https://amzn.to/3uZKtm8

A good documentary on Alister Crowley – a well known Satanist and member of the group I am constantly referring to, who enjoy sacrificing children to demonic entities they make spiritual contracts with – child sacrifice in exchange for favors, from beyond the veil – https://bit.ly/3uWO98w

This satanic death cult and their need for “youthful death” is very real – in fact a recent documentary tied this satanic cult to the “Son of Sam” killings in NY City – this cult operates deep inside our government today –https://bit.ly/2RvxcV1

Dr. Charles Hoffe writes the BC government about the COVID vaccine crippling native residents – he’s told by “government” (the death cult) to stay quiet so the sacrifice can move forward – https://bit.ly/34W7lss

Nurses of The Third Reich – programming people to kill each other is easy if you’re an expert in behavior modification psychology – https://bit.ly/3w3Bd22

Cybernetics is the programming of the human mind through the nervous system, to do absolutely anything, including waiting patiently (6 foot apart) for your injection of genocidal poison – you can make people DEMAND they kill themselves – https://bit.ly/2Rswfg0

Bill Gates states vaccines are designed to reduce population – youtu.be/8BobKXkrt8M

Bill Gates and his family exposed – bit.ly/3sgL8iz

Gates and all eugenicists still targeting the minority population today for removal – bit.ly/3sfyeS9

Medical doctors trying to warn the public about the COVID vaccine (and it’s not a vaccine) – https://bit.ly/3inWL5u

Bill Cooper’s book “Behold a Pale Horse” read as an audio book –  he describes the government’s plan to kill most of the population 40 years ago – https://bit.ly/2T9AnCk

X Factor winning describing the exact same government genocide operation but not for “depopulation” but for human sacrifice motivations – https://bit.ly/2Rvyyz5

US vaccine deaths and injuries – https://bit.ly/2T3T0rh

Psychological experiments prove how to control the human cattle through lock downs, fear, social isolation, some hope and then repeat – https://bit.ly/2SZt8wx

Icke video about ruling families that are masquarding as an altruistic government – bit.ly/3eQh3kw and bit.ly/2RXf9Hh

Black community getting destroyed by similar tactics to this very day –https://bit.ly/2TNWRJl

US never released from UK ownership –bit.ly/3fOsElL

Most past presidents in the US of course directly related to the UK Royal line – youtu.be/HGrbJ4_jcc8

Social engineering has been planned for a very long time – https://bit.ly/2T3nnOn

SARS- COV-2 doesn’t exist – https://bit.ly/3v0y4OS

No extra deaths in Canada from 2019 – 2020 – bit.ly/33aylDH

Deaths the same in the US between 2019 and 2020……and the survival rate for COVID is 99.96% – bit.ly/398Fd7Q

Health Canada (through a freedom of information act request) has to be admit the SARS-COV-2 doesn’t exist and they don’t have the full genetic sequence of the supposed virus – if you don’t have the virus, what are you testing for and how can you make a vaccine to work against a virus that isn’t identified as a target pathogen? – freedom of information act requests in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US have all ended with the exact same letters back from the corrupt governments – there is no SARS-COV-2 virus – it’s a complete fraud and a well crafted psychological operation running out of the TV and movie screens – anyone believing in this virus is experiencing a mass screen induced psychosis or delusion – a form of clinical insanity  https://bit.ly/3ijISVP

Mind control documentaries –
Pseudology – bit.ly/3gZmn7P
Out of The Shadows – bit.ly/2IRClCz
Micheal Tsarion – Architects of Control bit.ly/2OzVM2U
Alan Watt – Cutting Through The Matrix bit.ly/2qcrNiz
Prison Planet – State of Mind – bit.ly/2QbnP91
Jerry Kroth – American Propaganda – bit.ly/2IDyJk7
Adam Curtis – The Century of Self – bit.ly/35kvaZR
Psy-War – bit.ly/2ZQrHRH
Rule from The Shadows – bit.ly/2ElvE9y
Fear and Social Control – bit.ly/3mzlOly
Manipulating of the Masses – bit.ly/3mxqyrU
Media and The Generations – bit.ly/2G6w0Bh
Mark Passio – De-Mystifying The Occult – bit.ly/2PciPPe
Scott Retsima – Media on The Brain – bit.ly/2osR64p
CIA Mind Control MK-Ultra Documentary – bit.ly/2vi2d3F
TV Mind Control Documentary – bit.ly/2zRHyRH
Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism, and Injectable Medicine Part 3 – bit.ly/3ogxSbV
Quincy Davis – Subconscious War – bit.ly/2BefCMd
Truth SteamMedia – The Minds of Men – bit.ly/2E1CygO
Interview with Chris Everard – bit.ly/2MuPj6O
Jordan Maxwell – The Naked Truth – bit.ly/1BuOYY6
Agenda 2 The Masters of Deceit – bit.ly/3bN0vtO
They Live – vimeo.com/400848529
Agenda – Grinding America Down – bit.ly/3tj37Vg

Vaccine “authorized” and not “approved” which means it can kill and cripple without penalty and that it skipped animal studies – bit.ly/34DnYbW

COVID vaccine doesn’t even fit the standard definition of a vaccine – bit.ly/2Tw3rE9 and is a gene therapy – meaning it changes your genetics

Vaccine makers immune to legal liability regarding vaccine induced death and injuries – cnb.cx/3wMMBzi

Only 1% – 10% of vaccine injuries are ever reported – bit.ly/3egNjhN

COIVD vaccines do not promise immunity to COVID and don’t make the person free of spreading COVID to others – bit.ly/2Tw3rE9

The vaccine appears designed to turn humans into non human entities – https://bit.ly/3uWr5GH

Here’s a good example of “the caring government” trying to vaccinate minorities first and then telling them that “they’re special” and that “they’re cared for”. It’s complete and utter bullshit because this vaccine a) doesn’t protect against COVID b) doesn’t protect against passing COVID to another person c) is killing and crippling people world wide and d) was brought to market because a fake emergency was declared, when no extra deaths above previous years were occurring. CLICK HERE The propaganda out of corrupt government made the aboriginal peoples BEG for their own poisoning. It’s disgusting and it won’t stop until common wealth controlled governments are seen for what they are……an ancient religion of death, sacrifice and murder, out of our ancient past.

BRAND NEW article, just sent to me…a long list of graves, housing the murdered members of the indigenous community.

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