Please Read……..Important Announcement

At this point in time, there’s no sense describing what’s really happening over and over again, as everyone is getting it…… this Russian official describes in a way that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. I don’t agree with everything he says but most of it is easy to confirm. Please start moving over to the website and get on my email list. Go to the article section, go to any article, scroll to the bottom and put your email in. I’ll be trying to send out information on a paid newsletter I’m arranging (for a nominal monthly fee) so I can provide interested parties with solutions. At this point, it’s obvious all governments are coordinating a massive hoaxed based agenda upon all of humanity and there’s simply no sense trying to find the evidence of it everyday. It’s obvious and the evidence never ends. Now it’s time for solutions, for people who have eyes to see. I’ll be moving ahead with solutions delivered by email, for anyone looking for those solutions.

I predicted the gun control issue two weeks ago on this page and it’s erupted oddly enough here in Canada, with circumstances that can never be shared on any social media page. The US is set to follow for a similar situation, which will be used in an emotional way to forcefully remove the firearms in each state. (I predict the “shooting event” will occur somewhere around children or at a hospital) People believing that only the government should have the guns have never researched the word “democide”. Regardless, a play book is indeed being acted out and if you know that playbook (because it’s the same playbook used over and over again), you can make some moves that will help you in the near future. So go over and drop your email in and I’ll contact you regarding the newsletter as soon as possible. If it gets too sticky and the info is simply too important not to release, I’ll simply send the information for free via email only and ask for donations after the release.

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