Parenting is About Protection and Protection is About Education

I have no intention of pressuring my daughter to be the best repeater in the herd and I also have no intention of cheer-leading her on, so she can work some 8-6 drone bot position, where her spirit is used as the fuel to power this insane and depressing system of sedation, distraction, sameness, corruption and consumption. We live in a system that eats souls and it’s time this inverted system starved to death. Some souls will indeed make it over the prison wall and into a better way of living. Power to the people. Get your kids healthy and teach them how to make money work for them. If not, the children will often become unhealthy and work for money. The easy road in life always becomes the hard road. The hard road always becomes the easy road. Parenting is always about educating anyone who’s curious about the gov/media indoctrination and chemical control grid.

Everyone says they want to be healthy, wealthy and wise……but to actually accomplish that, you’ll need to develop the courage, bravery and spirit to step away from the herd of conformity. If you want to be your absolute best you’ll need to look at all the gov love TV watching repeaters finding safety in the sameness, the sedation, the misery and the rot………and you’ll need to start walking away into a smaller herd, which will always generate more fear for you personally. We’re taught to fear our own potential, our own greatness, our own happiness, our own success and our own innate creativity…….simply because everyone else drives toward the middle, toward the average and toward the mediocre.

If you do what everyone else is doing, you get what everyone else is getting…….and today that’s an ex-large serving of disease, depression, dysfunction, dis-orientation and dis-empowerment. It’s time to break out of the tranquillization morning coffee routine that ends with the lobotomizing wine/booze night routine, framed between futile screen entertainment and junk food consumption. Do you want to start living again? Do you want to take full control of your life? Do you want to know the mind control tactics the media/gov love machine uses so you rabidly pursue your worst life and bullshit yourself all the way to the grave? Do you want to give your kids a life of freedom instead of a life chained to the media/gov chemical and indoctrination control grid? If you answered yes to any of these questions……hit this link and change your life right now.


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