Our Modern Media System – Hide The Truth/Promote The Distraction

Here’s the music video for Gangman Style – http://bit.ly/2lHL12o (3.4 BILLION views)

Here’s a video story of an Italian family who had 3 children. 2 were killed by their vaccines, the other crippled for life. The Italian government admitted it was the vaccines that killed and crippled the children. http://bit.ly/2lPcxuA (32,000 views)

Here’s the censored sex tape of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson – http://bit.ly/2kEvSyC (7 million views on Youtube with the real sex tape getting near 1 billion views on various porn channels)

Here we have a board certified medical doctor, explaining that he would never vaccinate his own kids and that he gives up millions of dollars in revenue every year by telling his patients the truth about vaccines, at his own medical clinic. http://bit.ly/2kv25IL (81,000 views)

The system isn’t broken, it’s designed to distract and sedate…plus hide the real issues from the public.


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