Opioid Manufacturer Ordered to Pay Out Billions in Damages…

Our education systems make the children aware that the sun provides many life giving services to this planet. What isn’t told to anyone openly is that the Universe is about duality and always has been. For every ounce of good and life given to this planet by the sun, an equal and opposite force sits in opposition to it……..charged with bringing an equal amount of evil and destruction. The light dominates the day and the darkness dominates the night……but what power does this darkness have and what is it capable of? We’ve grossly underestimated the darkness in my opinion, as it can infect humans and employ them as troops in what seems like a very ancient and never ending battle. Lots of evidence to that hypothesis in this article. By their fruits, you shall know them….and today this darkness cloaks itself most efficiently as medicine, science, government and media. Protect yourself and your family by understanding these issues from a spiritual perspective. There are invisible forces at work here. The human population has never been more sick and dis-empowered in recorded history…..and there are concrete reasons for that. Evil now walks above ground because most of humanity have forgotten their past. It’s time for morality and the light to return, in order to save this planet. Evil now takes more than its fair share.

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