One Underlying Motivation

Like we needed confirmation. Everything our human farmers do has one underlying motivation……..and that motivation is your premature and painful death. Government (in point of fact) is literally well organized stealth euthanasia. Government is nothing more than the production center of official lies, which are designed to destroy you and your family. Government combs the human farm for the best liars, who lie absent of moral or ethical review, and it’s those paid liars who are celebrated, promoted and glorified as the “the best people to lead the herd”, when they’re nothing more than frightened children who tell the right lie, to the right person, at the right time, for the right pay cheque. If you want your life to get better, you need to know that less government is the only way it will ever happen. Having an evil and sinister force working 24 hours per day on your complete misery and destruction isn’t good for you, your kids, your community, the species and the planet in general.

Opps….we poisoned you again, sorry about that.
Love…….the government.

Aren’t you tired of the cycle yet? Poison, stall the truth as long as possible, attack the truth tellers, apologize, roll out the next poison, pay the most shallow and corrupt people high salaries for their blind obedience to the evil system.


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