One Big Christoff Secret………

I used to try and convince my wife that the human mind was capable of tasks, outside what we consider normal. I was experiencing some weird things in my personal life and I decided one day to share what I had been learning. I told my wife that it appeared I could predict what was going to happen based on certain feelings I would receive. When I would explain this effect to her, the incident in question would have already passed and I would say to her, “I knew that was coming“. Because this declaration always happened after the fact, it was hard to convince anyone that I could predict what was going to occur with any accuracy. (especially my wife who knows that I’m pretty different, to say the least)

So one day Jen and I were driving back from Halifax to Ontario on the major highway and I had one of these “feelings” rise up. I decided it was a good time to put this “thing” on display for her, before an incident occurred….to sort of prove my point. I turned to my wife and said, “around the next corner there are several moose crossing the road….so I’m going to slow down before we hit them“. She said, “OK crazy……” We then turned the corner and found nothing. We drove another 5 minutes, turned another blind corner……and there were 3 ATV’s crossing the road at a snail’s pace and I was driving slow enough not to hit them…….as I knew something was up. (I trusted my feelings) If I was driving the speed limit, I would have hit them or run my truck into the ditch to avoid them.

My wife turned to me instantly and said, “OK…… do you do that?” And I said “I don’t really know……I just get these big rushes of emotion and then try to guess what the message is. This message was an intense fear, so I just tune in and focus.” That was 10 years ago. I don’t mind telling people that I can do some pretty odd things these days with my brain, which I imagine others can do but they’re too scared to talk about. I’ll talk more about this at a later date. As a general observation, over my decades of experimentation with “this”, I can tell you with extreme certainty……….that there’s an invisible field of energy that connects everything. For more information on this invisible web of energy, please read the book below. What ever “this” is…… only gets more finely tuned, the healthier I become and the more natural I live. I have a sneaky suspicion that this is also why our handlers pollute us daily. I believe we are much more powerful than we could ever imagine.

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