New Ink Detects If Kids Are Vaccinated?

New poisonous ink to be injected alongside poisonous vaccines, so your child can be “scanned”… to guarantee that the state has poisoned your kids already. Have you injected your state-sanctioned health destroying poison this year… you’re more easily governed, manipulated, stolen from, controlled and ruled? (in your weakened and brain-damaged state) Everyone onboard the vaccine poison train. Your first class, 5 star, government indoctrination, media propaganda based RIDE INTO THE ABYSS awaits. Inject the poison, work a futile occupation, eat poisoned food, drink booze, go to the mall, watch a screen, do what you’re told, reproduce, sacrifice your children to the state for poisoning and indoctrination, obey, comply, repeat.

Read about invisible ink that can reveal whether kids have been vaccinated

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