Neo, The Matrix, Male Strength….And Becoming The One!

I could do an entire 2 hour presentation on these 2 minutes in The Matrix. At this point Neo is already dead but Trinity kisses him anyway, to reignite his heart with a spark that only a man and woman (duality/opposites) can create. Trinity’s kiss brings Neo back to life and all the other characters see the magic happening in real time, where the union of two is much more powerful than the sum of their parts. We see the sparks flying in the back ground of the scene, indicating the deep magical electric force that can only be created when one true spirit meets its opposing and opposite charge…..other wise known as its soul mate. Once Neo is brought back to life by Trinity’s kiss, she instructs the male lion force to do what it was always designed to do on this planet…..which is protect the innocent from the darkness.

Metaphorically Neo represents the very sedated and euthanized male energy on this planet, which is desperately needed to push back the darkness….that’s gaining ground by miles every single day. We see Neo use the most powerful word any human can use, which is “NO”…..something most compliant and weak males on this planet have forgotten, while they’re being manipulated by various tyrannical forces inside government, media, science and medicine. The darkness doesn’t like the awakening of the powerful male energy, sparked by the cosmic and divine feminine….and the darkness attempts to snuff out the light channeling through Neo. BIG MISTAKE! The darkness is no match for the love and light infused strong male, who lives at his center. Neo enters the darkness head on and shines so bright, he destroys the darkness outright. Neo flexes his power, bending reality to his will. I can’t explain how much I love this 2 minutes of film or how much other men need to pay attention to it.


  1. Dallas Oostenbrink

    Thanks for your insight Jason. I have a masochistic delight in finding out these hard truths.

  2. Sandman

    Jason. Can you provide some insight on the new and growing group called MGTOW? Is it a direct result of all the false MeToo accusations?

  3. Shannon Jarvensivu

    Hi Jason ! This is amazing …just like we talked about ?? makes me super jazzed up !
    Looking forward to hearing from you very soon ??❤️?

  4. amy gundersen

    Love your work and incredibly interested in your upcoming Self Sabotage Coaching Certification course.

    Thank you!

  5. Parveen Sangha

    Information on self-sabotage coaching.

  6. Stephanie

    Interested in your coaching certification. Love your ideas. Hopefully, you’ll keep it affordable and offer a payment plan.

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