Mercury Fillings and Irrational Behavior

Why do mercury teeth fillings trigger self sabotaging and irrational behavior? I’ll explain that answer clearly during my upcoming master workshop for overcoming self sabotage? Only a couple seats remain for the live workshop. If you wish to acquire a recording of the presentation anywhere in the world please e-mail me personally at and we can arrange for e-mail delivery of all this very valuable information.

If you’re looking to become a better person in general (non addicted, in shape, motivated, empowered, making more money etc) come hear me talk live Sept 21st and 22nd in Cornwall Ontario Canada. If you can’t come live, you can purchase a recording of the event and it will be sent to you anywhere in the world. A MASTER CLASS on overcoming self sabotage. It’s usually $699 to attend live, discounted to $249 until Sept 21st. It’s usually $399 for the recording, discounted to $99 until Sept 21st. If you’re interested in more details, please e-mail me directly at or message me via Facebook messenger. Canadian funds. Let your best life begin. Stop your struggle. Start your success. Being better is better. You can have a beautiful life. Now is the time. Your best life awaits….


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