Medical Doctor Cures Her Own MS

Medical doctor, who had MS, was told in medical school and by her attending physician that MS wasn’t curable. Dr. Terry Wahls changed her diet and lifestyle and viola…….no more MS. Completely reversed. Not even a trace remained. And so goes most everything in our life, restricted by massive lies designed to extract immense profit and unlimited milk from us, as uninformed cattle down here on the human farm.

Our best life is available to us FREE OF CHARGE at anytime. All we need to do is understand that we live inside a lie and chemical based control grid. We simply need to push the prison door open, finally realizing that it was never locked the entire time. Most people are so afraid of being their best self that they work around the clock to stay sick. That’s what the toxic morning coffee is about and the poisonous wine at dinner, after working a job that has nothing to do with your innate talents. The junk food, the toxic medical drugs, the narcotics, the nicotine and the mindless zombie rot in front of the TV. (TV = Time Vampire) It’s all about working around the clock to be less than we’re capable of, to be mediocre and to be less than average……….because successful, healthy, happy and wealthy people are marked as the enemy in our underachieving society. Rise up anyway like Dr. Terry Wahls. Rise up above the lies and shine like the star you really are. It’s your life. You have a right to be happy and to live out the truth, during your short time here.

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