Lights, Camera, Action…..Here Comes The New Medicine

COVID-19 outbreak at San Jose Kaiser hospital – Video & Report Here

Get ready for this kind of mind control media propaganda to only increase over the winter here in North America. Here’s a prime example. 1 health care worker has passed and 60 are sick from “the disease” and they blame all of it on a blow up air Christmas doll “leaking air”……yet they all got “the new medicine” 10 days before.

I actually called this EXACT propaganda push in this podcast 6 months ago. I literally said “health care workers would be the first targets”. I knew this because a) their pensions have been “removed/stolen” already, so “a crisis” has to be fabricated to cover up the robbery b) health care workers are under not only “pay cheque mind control” but they’re also very loyal members of the science and medical cult (they know they need to believe in the process of cut, poison, burn and suffering to blend into the work environment) and c) most health care workers are female and females are more compliant of the two genders to social pressure. (social pressure is the primary foundation of most behavior modification mind control applications)

As predicted in my podcast 6 months ago, these sudden “passings” and “sicknesses” will be used to scare more people into the abattoir and will also be used to go after anyone else who knows exactly what’s happening. If you’re going to stand up and use your voice, this would be the time to do it. With the rolling out of “the new medicine”……the “passings” and “sicknesses” are going to sky rocket. As the people drop to the floor and get sick after they take “the new medicine”, it will always be reported as being from “the disease” and not “the new medicine.” The sheep goes their entire life afraid of the wolf, only to he slaughtered by the shepherd. The people who rule us see us as cattle and have just downgraded the herd from milking cattle to beef cattle. That means the harvest time for “the meat” is upon us. To say Joe and Jane Coffee Shop don’t understand what’s really going on here, could be the understatement of the century.


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