Leading the Audience……

On 9/11 various actors were interviewed by main stream news stations purposely and it was those literal actors on the street level that were paid and scripted to tell the TV audience that the buildings “pancaked” during their collapse. This is how that phrase was cleverly inserted into the collective psyche of a bewildered public. This is called “reframing” or “spin” or “leading the audience” in mind control circles.

The main stream news stations were also paid to suggest that Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist group, as being the organizers of the attack. Such mental manipulation tactics are proven very effective methods of herd/group and collective mind control…….as is demonstrated here in the experiment at this added link https://bit.ly/1Oc7Izn by Dr. Solomon Ashe, known as The Ashe Conformity Experiment. The key is to apply group conformity pressure, through media propaganda channels, to make sure the public think one way and one way only…….and to also make the public believe that their thoughts, opinions and ideas were formulated from their own free will, freedom and free choice.[/fusion_text]

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