Leading Children’s Medical Doctor Explains…

World leading medical doctor in children’s health…..explains to order following government storm troopers that vaccines are unproven, unsafe, ineffective and they kill and cripple children all the time. The government workers, who stopped thinking decades ago and who were handpicked because of their weak moral fiber, appear confused…..as they want to be good moral people but can’t because they work for the government, which stays in power by removing the power of the people through poisoning, propaganda and indoctrination.

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  1. Simone

    I’ve followed you for almost 3 years now, and would just like to say “Well Done!”
    You’re one of the very few who are so passionate in their beliefs?!
    You’re actually willing to stand alone.
    I have 4 children-3 oldest had most vaccines but my youngest (almost 5) was born with a heart condition (he’s ok now) and got diagnosed with autism last yea (he’s also non verbal) hasn’t had one,and he won’t be getting one either.

    Just wanted to let you know you’re doing good.
    Please keep going and never let the corrupt government/media stop you from speaking the truth!

    Love Simone & Family
    (Hartlepool-northEast England-UK)

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