Lady Last Night Tells Me That Poisoning The Children Saves Them

It’s very important to know what “projection” is, in order to solve today’s modern problems. I put up some info yesterday about the Gardasil (HPV cervical cancer) vaccine killing the crippling children, which it’s proven to do of course……more frequently than any other vaccine ever produced. (on a per dose basis). After citing the proof that the HPV Gardasil vaccine kills and cripples teens across the world….an irate conformist (warrior of the lie) commented that it was ME who was killing and crippling the kids because of the false information I spread about vaccines.

In psychology that’s called PROJECTION. It’s when a dark and rotten person turns to the person next to them and says, “I don’t like you because you’re dark and rotten”. It’s just a very simple psychological adaptation many humans adopt because projecting their fear outward is easier than looking in the mirror at the monster they’ve become. What this lady was saying was that the people who don’t inject poison into their children are the ones hurting/killing the children and the ones injecting poison into their children are saving the children. It’s clinical insanity and that’s why it’s so hard to face. This is also why it’s sometimes necessary to project that clinical insanity onto other people, especially if you lack the courage and strength to sit down and think deeply about what’s really going on internally.

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