Lady Gaga – And The “Born This Way” Agenda

Lady Gaga – And The “Born This Way” Agenda

Are People Really Being “Born That Way?”. Lets Take A Closer Look

At this added link we have the full lyrics of Lady Gaga’s rock anthem “Born That Way”. The story within the song sounds good in theory, making people believe certain outcomes are unavoidable and a chance happening, but is there something the public isn’t being told about the current and very recent trends in our society?

1. The song ends with talk about DNA guiding our destiny and that DNA itself creates a certain destiny for us. Is this true? Does the DNA, set into our cells, act in one way and one way only? No, this theory of genetic determinism is proven completely false and was never even close to being true. At this link Dr. Mark Hyman explains the foundation of this con job, explaining that our DNA controls nothing and can change on a second by second basis. At this added link, Dr. James Chestnut could provide one of the most brilliant explanations on the subject.

2. We have other warriors of misinformation like Angelina Jolie (paid to misinform) surgically removing her breasts because of the BRAC gene. The most biased and misleading statistics state that 80% of women with the BRAC gene go on to form breast cancer and of course that means one thing and one thing only. It means that it’s not the gene which determines breast cancer because if it was, all the women carrying the BRAC gene would go on to develop breast cancer. Were the 80% of women, who go on to develop breast cancer, on the birth control pill at some time in their lives or maybe they were all vaccinated etc etc. (both items proven to cause cancer already) That’s the research which is forbidden because it will always end with science condemning itself. The genetic determinism agenda is about blaming us for becoming sick due to our own governments’ systematic poisoning of the population within a new genocide model, evolved and designed for the 21st century.

3. Here we have Professor Tyrone Hayes from The University of California paid by the second largest pesticide manufacturer in the US, to test the effects of a pesticide that’s already being sprayed on the non organic crops across the world. His conclusion among others (none of his conclusions good), that the pesticide is gender bending, turning many of the lab animals gay.

4. Here we have a National Geographic report about storks turning gay because of mercury poisoning? What about mercury based vaccines or mercury teeth fillings in humans or even mercury based antiseptics like Mercurochrome or mercury poisoned fish stocks. It’s easier to scream “born that way” but is the public being given all the information here? Are we brave enough to connect the dots?

5. Here’s a report that a common addictive in products can disrupt fertility and change sexual orientation.

6. Here’s a full documentary regarding the same additive making males less male and making couples unable to conceive males and females in equal ratios.

7. Here we have a health care professional testify that she believes a medical substance changed her sexual orientation in the womb.

8. Our handlers tell us diseases like CP are genetic (cerebral palsy) but here we have a court case where CP was caused by vaccine poisoning. Vaccine poisoning on all levels presents exact symptoms of CP. Parents are told “your child was born that way” but are the parents getting the entire truth on these matters?

9. Our social engineers also play the “born that way” card with vaccine injured children, when vaccines are clearly proven to cause brain damage in every vaccine recipient, over a very wide spectrum. In our society, science and medicine are permitted to change and destroy life itself and then say it is us who are changing by chance, DNA and fate. Medicine, government and science team up to poison, kill and cripple you……….and then they control the narrative of “sorry, wasn’t us….born that way!” Not exactly a truthful and honest explanation of everything we know on the subject.

10. A study by Lionel Tiger also brings the danger of the birth control pill to the forefront, regarding the perpetuation of the species in general. Lionel Tiger experimented with monkeys in the wild, finding a group (a troop) to observe and conduct the research upon. The alpha monkey held 3 prized females as his constant sexual partners. Lionel Tiger gave 2 of the 3 female monkeys a birth control injection, the same birth control hormones given to human females. The alpha male promptly removed those chemically castrated females from his list of sexual options and brought in 2 new fertile females to replace them. Hold on……….it gets more odd. Then Lionel Tiger administered the birth control pill to ALL THE FEMALES in the group. This caused an extremely unexpected reaction by the alpha male named Austin…… Lionel Tiger described, “……Austin begins “to rape, masturbate, and behave in a turbulent and confused manner” (#1).” What may even be more odd is that Lionel Tiger works for the US Department of Defense….an organization that routinely conducts operations against the American people and the human species as a whole, around the world. Welcome to the holocaust 2.0 agenda, the most covert and effective culling of the human herd ever orchestrated.

11. A study by Dr. Marion Pottenger is famous in the holistic health field, when he compared two groups of cats, who consumed different diets. One group consumed whole live uncooked food and unpasteurized cow’s milk. (food from nature) The other group consumed food that was cooked and pasteurized cow’s milk. (food from science) The cooked food and pasteurized milk fed group could no longer reproduce after 3 generations and that group also exhibited extreme mental imbalances with each successive generation, birth defects, violence and anti social behavior. What is often not talked about with Dr. Pottenger’s experiment is that some of the cats fed cooked food and pasteurized milk TURNED GAY and all exhibited some form of sexually confused behavior.

12. What we see in the document at the bottom of the page is the famous The Jaffe Memo, a verified “real” document from Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is an organization with a long and documented history of orchestrated eugenics, genocide and child sacrifice. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, which of course is how these sinister organizations with evil intent move around our society in plain sight. Pay very close attention to far left hand column and tell me what you see. The document is attached to this post.

13. This entire subject of course is highly related to another article I have written, which has become very popular, titled “Rise of the Beta Male – The Agenda to Destroy the Alpha Male”.…/

14. Circumcision is also proven to initiate sexual confusion in male children.

15. More deeper analysis of an all out assault on masculinity and maleness in general can be investigated in this article titled, “The Agenda to Eliminate All Strong Males

16. Add this added link (click here) we see the impact soy is proven to have on the feminzation of men.

15. To add an important point, humans are proven to mimic as their primary form of learned behavior. What they see, they will copy. This lecture by psychology professor Dr. Jerry Kroth really drives this point home for how intense this genetic pattern is within all children. Then we see government agencies (unelected and not controlled by the people) moving sexually confusing material into all schools around the world. So children are born mimickers and our human farmers are exposing children to known “sexually confusing content’ in schools. It’s time to start paying attention.

16. Author authors and researchers are also taking similar note. Click here to view David Icke speaking calmly about this agenda, to expose our children to documented psychological operations regarding them questioning their own genders, which they never would have when left to themselves.

17. The doctor in this video explains clearly the documented research linking vaccines to the sexual confusion agenda.

Vaccines and the immune system. What you need to know.

Posted by Abundant Health and Wellness Clinic on Friday, August 17, 2018


18. At this added link…….we have a manifestation of these psychological and chemical tinkers………a man wanting to castrate himself, so he can take on the appearance of an asexual alien.

19. At this link, an Asian male marries a hologram. Never have men been so confused about who they are and what their role is within a society.

In regarding to children and adults copying what they see in the media, as clearly demonstrated by Dr. Jerry Kroth above, it’s important to understand that our society is drowning in sexually confusing messages for both genders and even the very genders are under attack. Positive reinforcement of viewed behavior is a primary driver of human mimicking and copying.  It’s important to keep that in mind when watching the video below………. one of a thousand videos I could use as an example.

You and your children are in an assassins’ crossfire. Government, science, media and medicine are covertly teaming up to orchestrate an agenda that the public isn’t aware of. So although “born that way” sounds good in theory, there are things the public isn’t being told about genetic determinism and some of our science worshiping society’s outcomes regarding toxic chemicals. mind control and medical poisons. Born that way as a phrase that means “unavoidable”, “outside your control” and “it’s you, not us”. The science speaks to the contrary and that science is purposely hidden from the general public. I think it’s obvious why such people like Lady Gaga are employed to lead us down the primrose path into a mode of universal misunderstanding and ignorance. Do you know what’s going on? Are you sure?


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