Lady Asks an Important and Upfront Question

Lady today asks an important and upfront question to me. Her question and my answer below……..

Her……..”How do you deal owning your own business and being so awake? How do you deal with so much fake when you know so much. Doesn’t living off the land sound more what you preach? Total curiosity…”

Me……..”I’m a slave as much as anyone else, I just don’t bullshit myself about it like most of the public do, as some sort of Olympic sport. I don’t sedate to it either. I feel it full on, the full insanity of it all, like standing in front of a blast furnace. I don’t distract, turn away or use pain killers of any kind. I stare at it, in all its’ moronic immensity. I walk around it, analyzing it from all angles and it’s pure short sighted hedonism to the nth degree, pure and utter evil, like nothing seen before in human history. Sure there’s been chaos and blood shed throughout recorded history but in this new voluntary holocaust the people themselves are indoctrinated to lust after their worst lives, to poison their own children and to decorate their own destruction with perpetual materialism and utter nonsense. It’s enough to make Satan himself blush with envy. I used to want to save everyone from their own premature and painful deaths at the hands of our psychopathic rulers. Now, I focus on me and what I need to do in order to get out of here and be happy. If I can save anyone else along the way with my knowledge and writings, that’s great as well. I use our society’s insane reality and satanic doctrine to drive my energy and motivation to get out, instead of getting high or drunk and pretending it’s not really happening or that someone else is going to come save me and the people I love. Myself and my loved ones are getting out of Shawshank Prison very soon. That’s a promise I made to myself a long time ago. I’m going over the wall. I’m resigning from the death cult. I have a plan. Once I’m out I’ll send my writings back into the prison, so anyone else wanting to get out, can do so. I could write a book a week and when I get out, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Power to the people.”

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