It Does Not Take A Lot To Fool People

It doesn’t take much to fool people. When you involve perceived authority figures, the fabricated belief in what doesn’t exist moves upwards, toward a whole new level. This video has lots to do with what’s going on today, as the actual statistics regarding the reason for draconian government measures are proven to have never existed. Discussion of that fact as this added link. 

 The people involved in this alien comedy (in the video attached) are told quickly that everything was staged and that their reactions were being recorded. As for the public who are now locked in their homes, who are unemployed, while their society rolls over to a very aggressive form of communist/medical tyranny…..that Hollywood stage show only intensities daily. The best time to struggle during any attack is in the first few minutes. Let’s hope more people start connecting the dots.

Il manquerai plus que les extras terrestres s’en mêlent!

Posted by Marine Delterme on Monday, April 20, 2020

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