Is There Any Evidence Vaccines Cause Autism?

1. Some vaccine inserts have listed Autism and death (SIDS) as occurring to children receiving the vaccination, after the vaccine was approved for use by the public. A vaccine insert is where the truth of the vaccine must be listed legally, in case a vaccine injury occurs and a legal case is initiated by the parents of the injured or deceased child.  Click here to see such a vaccine insert, go to page 11 where it starts to describe “adverse events”, a third of the way down the page… will see Autism and SIDS (death) listed as reported adverse events. Does that sound safe and effective to you? Are you seeing any red flags?

2. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund in the U.S. has paid out over $3 billion dollars to vaccine injured or vaccine killed children, legally declaring in some cases that the vaccine in question directly caused the Autism or death of the child. In this video by medical doctor, Dr. Sam Eggersten, he describes what he found when he researched the vaccine issue, after graduating medical school. His conclusions are obvious. The medical schools are lying to medical doctors about vaccine safety and effectiveness…..and the connection of vaccines to the brain damage known as Autism.

3. All vaccine inserts list brain swelling and spinal swelling as side effects and this swelling can cause brain damage, which is Autism. 

4. There are over 100 medical research papers that link the contents of vaccines directly to the brain damage categorized as Autism. There are 126 studies at this link, that connect the toxic cocktail in vaccines directly to Autism. There are 30 similar studies listed here. There are over 1000 studies compiled here that prove vaccines cause harm to patients subjected to this unproven and unethical procedure. In this book we have 400 more studies, proving vaccines do great harm and do not provide immunity to the targeted disease. At this link we have peer reviewed medical journals reporting on a host of research proving vaccines ineffective and unsafe. Most parents repeating the phrase “vaccines don’t cause Autism” or “vaccines are safe and effective” have not done their homework.

5. Thousands of parents of vaccine injured children and many medical doctors, have testified, that the brain damage occurred in the child immediately or soon after vaccination. At this link both parents and medical professionals testify at a government hearing that vaccines are damaging children neurologically (vaccine induced brain damage/Autism) and also killing children. When did brain damaged or dead become “safe and effective”?

6. In Sept 2014 a top CDC scientist came forward with documents proving vaccines do increase Autism dramatically in some children. He also testified that the government told him to make sure that the public never found out and to omit those findings from publication. At this link former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson reviews the testimony of the top CDC scientist who admitted that the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella) increased Autism in certain children and how he and other government employees destroyed that evidence so the “vaccines don’t cause Autism” phrase could roll on, and so did the brain damage and death these vaccines are still causing. A documentary was also made about this criminal act that continues to this day, destroying millions of children each year and their families.

7. The same scenario described in point #6 repeated itself in 2001, so the studies proving vaccines cause Autism have been present for decades yet are purposely hidden from the public for financial and eugenic motivations. That story was recorded by this author, who is still heavily involved in the vaccine truth movement. The government knows vaccines do cause Autism and they hide this fact because they aren’t concerned with the health of the children. Killing and causing brain damage in children willingly, counts as many things but caring for children isn’t one of them.

8. Dr. Andrew Wakefield lost his medical license after his research hinted to a link between vaccines and Autism, even though many other researchers have confirmed his findings that vaccines do cause Autism, in the exact way Dr. Wakefield described. In fact Dr. Wakefield’s research only indicated a link between gut dysfunction and Autism. The gut dysfunction’s connection to toxic vaccines like the MMR was alive and well in other research long before Dr. Wakefield became a flogging post for the pro vaccine movement. Here’s we can listen to Dr. Wakefield describe what happened to him. This is just additional corruption, similar to what has already been described above, where self serving and morally bankrupt government workers continue to brand everyone but themselves as the bad guys. “Anyone but us“….they scream. “Anything but the vaccines“…they declare. As Shakespeare wrote, “hell is empty and the devils are here.” Dr. Wakefield tried to save the children. Anyone saying otherwise is uninformed at best and/or working for the toxic vaccine machine at worst. People need to be reminded that it’s not OK to sacrifice children to pay “the bills”. That view point is immoral, unethical and soulless.

9. The CDC scientist in 2014, who testified that he was forced to withhold the data proving the vaccine/Autism link, also testified this was done purposely to add to the false and fabricated attack on Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  Here we have Florida Congressman Bill Posey putting on a show for the American public, pretending to be concerned that the government agency responsible for the health of American children, has been caught purposely poisoning children with toxic and unproven vaccines. The speech by Posey goes unnoticed, unreported, nothing is done…….as was always the design of such a presentation. Fake caring, no follow up, no media coverage. Keep the poison flowing. “I tried” Posey declares, as his script force feeds him the lines, in a sinister production.

10. An Italian Court has now ruled that a vaccine, which was the subject of a law suit, did cause Autism in the vaccine damaged child. It’s odd when a parent declares “vaccines don’t cause Autism” because governments and vaccine makers around the world already declare vaccines do cause Autism. Who do we believe? Do we believe the lady down at the coffee shop who doesn’t have the courage to process the truth or do we believe the government and vaccine makers, who already declare legally that vaccines can and do cause Autism? Such a question reflects our current collective insanity on the issue.

11. Autism is brain damage. Mercury causes brain damage. Mercury is still used in several vaccines, including the multi-dose flu shot. The multi dose flu shot contains 50,000 ppm (parts per million) of mercury per dose. The cut off for water being too toxic to drink is 2 ppm. Read that last line again. Vaccines that contain less than 1 mcg of mercury are said to be mercury free.  So vaccines that still contain mercury are sold to the public as “preservative free”. Another lie to keep the poison flowing. This is a new rule invented by the medical system to manipulate an uninformed public, even more than they’re already being manipulated. At this link, toxic mercury still being in vaccines, is discussed by two health professionals. There’s mercury in most vaccines, which are listed as preservative free. There are 3 to the exponent 15 atoms of mercury in only 1 mcg of mercury. Each atom is toxic to all cells in the body. The multi dose flu vials contain 25mcg of mercury. Infants, children, mothers, seniors and all citizens are encouraged to have the flu shot every year. Click here to see what mercury does to brain tissue. So why would the government encourage that the vaccine, which contains the most toxic non radioactive substance on the planet (mercury – proven to cause brain damage) be taken each year by all citizens? These vaccines are already proven to cause brain damage, especially in seniors. There’s mercury in most vaccines, the people placing mercury in the vaccines are lying that it’s in there, mercury causes brain damage, brain damage is Autism. It’s an ambush.

12. Dr. Russell Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon (brain surgeon) who has traced the pathways of vaccine induced brain damage, titled Autism. Dr. Blaylock openly states that all vaccines damage brain function in all children, but because the brain can operate with 70% damage in most areas, without a noticeable change in behavior, most parents or guardians don’t notice the brain damage after vaccination. Saying that, each additional vaccine and each day a child participates in an unhealthy lifestyle, pushes the child closer and closer to that 70% brain damage level, where the brain damage will finally be noticed.

13. Here in a law review journal, they find that the Vaccine Compensation Court has cast judgement that vaccines were responsible for Autism in 83 children. That was in 2011 and obviously there have been plenty more since 2011.  When will the people realize this isn’t a misunderstanding or chance happening? Many already are.

14. The only way to test if vaccines cause Autism is to study unvaccinated and vaccinated children and oddly enough this is the exact study the government and vaccine companies refuse to doThis study was done in monkeys and the vaccinated monkeys developed Autism (brain damage) and the unvaccinated monkeys did not.  This was also a similar finding, regarding vaccinated pets. Toxins injected directly under the skin of any organism, destroys various tissues in the animal or person, including damaging the brain………which is titled Autism but it should be called vaccine induced brain damage.

15. This University study proved conclusively that the adverse reactions from vaccines covers a very wide and dramatic spectrum, including adverse effects to the brain and neurological systems. Again, Autism is brain damage, just by another name and the people inventing the names to obfuscate the issue are the ones causing the brain damage. It only makes sense if you don’t think about it.

16. On this web page almost 100 doctors testify individually or within documentaries about the extreme dangers and unhealthy effects of vaccination. We’re supposed to listen to the doctors and science regarding the subject of vaccination but oddly enough very few want to listen to the science or doctors who speak against vaccination. The reason why should be obvious…….because then we get to look in the mirror and see the hideous monster our culture has become.

17. The subject of vaccines causing Autism has been tackled by many others, concluding the same, that vaccines increase the chance of Autism (brain damage) as an absolute certainty. There is the proof and then there are the catch phrases that are designed to keep pumping lies into the parents who have blind faith in the medical and science dictatorship. No lie can make poison safe. No belief can make poison healthy.

18. A recent study at Yale University concludes that vaccines and brain/nervous system damage are directly related

19. As someone clings to the vaccine illusion, they may say in a panic, in order to prop up failing vaccine mythology, “well, as long as my child doesn’t die from a disease, it’s OK to get Autism, as long as they’re alive.” First of all anyone who utters this unproven statement should be nullified from receiving any sort of parenting award (or should be blocked from parenting altogether) and should also be institutionalized immediately for not seeing the immense contradiction in logic that places their child in extreme danger. For someone to be “afraid” of death and permanent crippling from disease but to not be “afraid” of death or permanent crippling from a vaccine, exhibits the flawed logic that many people will forward today so they can continue guilt free doing what they’re told by authorities, who have no track record for making children healthy. The biggest hidden secret, beyond vaccines containing ingredients that cause brain damage in each and every child they’re injected into, is that vaccines have never been proven to increase immunity to any disease. How could poison even do such a thing? Dr. Raymond Obomsawin reviews this fact very clearly in this video. Dr. Sam Eggersten does the same here. The government agency who shouts the “vaccines are safe and effective” phrase from the mountain tops, has blocked any study that would prove once and for all that vaccines improve immunity compared to doing nothing. Gee, I wonder why?

Unfortunately the media, the government and medical industry don’t have to deal directly with the negative health consequences of a vaccine injury. Everything from type 1 diabetes to death are proven side effects of vaccination. Go to page 7 of this vaccine insert……..

Although a parent is verbally assured that vaccines are safe and effective, a vaccine insert declares vaccines aren’t safe nor effective. Although a parent is verbally assured that vaccines are safe and effective, the only proof of this claim… that can never be forwarded by the medical community, are the boat loads of healthy children…which are supposed to be the by product of all the chemical tinkering with the children.

When someone declares to be an authority in the matters of your child’s health, yet can’t forward any healthy children as direct proof of that claim, it’s time to recognize the contradiction and investigate further. Start with reading a vaccine insert. Every person who now doesn’t vaccinate themselves or their children, used to. Find out what changed their mind.

If you’re completely perplexed as to why people still vaccinate even though the weight of the evidence proves clearly that vaccines are unhealthy and dangerous …you need to read this to understand what you’re dealing with. May the children forgive us.

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