Instead of Picking Health….They Picked Poison and Disease.

Hey, You’re Using Your Freedom Wrong!

Talking to a guy today about his statin drugs (for lowering cholesterol) and it was the same sort of process as talking to a lady yesterday, about how her child was vaccine damaged. The mother knew the child was injured by vaccines and filed an exemption. The man I was talking to heard that statins were unhealthy (yet he was still taking them) and of course the mother was aware that vaccines injured her son…yet the iron clad programming was already in place within both their psyches. The lie based government programming I refer to exists so both these people don’t really move out of the cross-hairs and protect themselves from the government/medical and science sanctioned assassins, who are covertly hunting them from the long grass on the savanna.

The mother became instantly confused when I told her why the vaccines injected into her children included documented poisons and of course the man as well had the same reaction when I was trying to explain to him that statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) were purposely manufactured to destroy each human who ingests them, no exceptions. Both the mother and this man had already been programmed with the lies necessary, in order to keep them returning to the government/science/medical poison administration centers in their areas. When talking to each one of these people, you would get a firm look of… “I know what’s going on, no one could ever convince me that poison is healthy. If there was a conspiracy that large in play, I’m too smart to miss it“…………and yet that’s why this mother’s son was brain damaged by vaccines and that’s why this man’s health continues to fail……….because they’re not smart enough to see what’s really going on and the people poisoning them into an early grave are the exact same people who told them they were the smartest people in their schools, for repeating the lies told to them by government employed authority figures. It’s those lies that are having this man and woman march lock step right off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings. The truth is no longer the truth in our post truth era of course. The truth is what most people believe and most people believe that poisons will make them healthy because that’s the sort of indoctrination you need inside this new Holocaust 2.0 model, to have billions of people volunteer for their own soft kill, state sponsored, stealth euthanasia. Step right up, get your healthy poison here. If you’re sick, you’re not getting enough poison. Poison for everyone. Poison cures. This is the inversion and perversion of truth and reality, which many ancient texts warned us about.

Because of this psychic dictatorship, the full control of the thoughts moving inside a person’s head, the wolf continues to feed on the sheep. Below, more information on statin drugs and how they DESTROY THE BODY. At this added link a medical doctor, who specializes in children’s health, explaining why he would never vaccinate his children, if he were to have more children today.

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