Illogical Rules Proven to Mentally Destabilize Victims

It’s very important to understand the psychology, regarding what the public is being purposely put through right now. All governments are actively engaging in a massive behavior modification operation upon their citizens. The aim of the campaign is not only fear but mental destabilization, by attacking the very foundations of logic and rational thought purposely, within the human psyche. In government manuals this is known as touch-less torture.

The human psyche is proven to need stability, peace and predictability to facilitate a stable mental position. Inside a stable mental position the human in question is strong, can’t be manipulated easily and isn’t as reflexively obedient to perceived authority…..compared to someone who is mental unstable, mentally/physically injured or under increased stress etc. All the stupid and illogical “disease rules” flying across your TV screen are contradictory on purpose of course, as the documented science of psychological manipulation dictates. The increases in stress overtime (based on a fabricated fear of something never proven to exist) is all being coordinated world wide right now as well. The TV screen, the radio and the newspapers are highly effective mental destabilizing weapons in this sort of societal and territorial take over. No gun or tank or bomb could ever destroy the population faster compared to how fast a mentally destabilized person destroys themselves.

In the end your mental, physical, spiritual and financial power are all purposely under attack right now by people, institutions and government agencies….who are being ordered to literally destroy you and your family where you stand. Everyone involved are under deep forms of pay cheque and group/herd based mind control….and will basically do anything their government handlers and their TV’s tell them. If you’re looking to take your power back, starting with your health and overcoming your own self sabotage (so you can learn how to survive and thrive in regards to what’s coming), click this link and come work with me in 3 weeks. It’s a live online EVENT, available for anyone in the world.


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