If I Want More Money and To Travel More……Where Do I Start?

When it comes to money, wealth, finances and leisure time….most people have extremely self defeating programming running inside their subconscious minds. The subconscious is a tape recorder, housing the summation of safe card protocol, which we accumulated from our earliest childhood experiences. The vast majority of our ideas on EVERYTHING are downloaded into the subconscious as patterns (and some particulars) in our first 7 years of life. The very young versions of our minds are very interested in what we need to do to fit into our immediate family tribe and what we need to say in order to bond with our particular herd.

When it comes to having an abundance of wealth in one’s life, most people’s subconscious programming is severely lacking……and that’s why most people live in financial lack. I remember a guy once….who told me, “I don’t care too much about money” and “money isn’t that important to me”. I said, “replace the word money with your wife’s name….and say that out loud.” and he said “OK”. He then repeated, “I don’t care too much about Julie” and “Julie isn’t that important to me”. And then I asked, “so how much of Julie would you expect to have in your life, if you said that everyday?” It got him thinking and I finished by saying, “our words become our reality and our words become flesh”. Reprogramming the subconscious mind is easy but only if you have the right information. To be wealthy, you need to start with the subconscious programming that you hold about money. If you don’t have at least $150,000 in net worth for every decade you’ve lived here on the planet…..you could most likely use some reformatting of your subconscious in regards to wealth, money and abundance.

If you’re looking to learn more about how your brain really works, so you can start reprogramming your subconscious for success on all levels (weight loss, health, finances, relationships, love, raising children, travel, reversing disease, quitting addiction etc) then you would enjoy my latest master workshop on overcoming self sabotage. It is available at $99 for the next 4 days. (before it moves toward its original price of $399) E-mail me personally at jason@physicallimits.com for full details or private message here on Facebook.


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