How Pain Made Me A Good Self Sabotage Coach

How Pain Made Me A Good Self Sabotage Coach

When I was a kid my mother and father supported me regardless of when I was down and when I was up. In the early years, I was more down than up yet they never wavered in their support of me. The biggest gift they gave me was my struggle and the pain that came from trying to find my own way, without any concrete guidance from them. They gave support but rarely provided any tips on solving my problems. Solving my problems and removing my pain was completely up to me and it’s because of that struggle that I’ve taken my successful rite of passage from a child to a fully fledged adult male. I’m sure they sleep well at night knowing that I’m sedation free and that I’m financially successful enough to support myself and my family. I’m proud to have a big enough house so they have their own room when they visit. That makes me feel good that I can give back in a minor way, compared to what they gave to me. The independence they gave me allowed me to fail hard and succeed even harder. During those hard times in my life, I mastered what it would take to overcome my own self sabotage and to eventually become a self sabotage coach who has now worked with clients in over 36 countries.

If you’re looking to make some positive headway in your life come hear me talk live Sept 21st and 22nd in Cornwall Ontario Canada. If you can’t come live, you can purchase a recording of the event and it will be sent to you anywhere in the world. A MASTER CLASS on overcoming self sabotage. Live attendance is discounted until Sept 1st. It’s usually $699 to attend live, discounted to $149. It’s usually $399 for the recording, discounted to $49 before Sept 1st. If you’re interested in more details, please e-mail me directly at or message me via Facebook messenger. Let your best life begin. Stop your struggle. Start your success.

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