How did a Jewish Ritual Become an American Ritual?

The most important question in this trailer for a new documentary regarding circumcision is “how did a Jewish ritual become an American ritual?”. I dare the film maker (or anyone) to answer that question honestly because that answer alone could shed light upon exactly why the US is now circling the drain as a bastion of freedom and progress on our planet. The truth is that circumcision is an Egyptian ritual, the Hyksos Pharaohs of Egypt are who we know as Israel today and in ancient Egypt….circumcision was used as a PTSD torture ritual to invoke slave like qualities of obedience in prisoners and non compliant citizen alike. Circumcision is a psychological torture weapon, developed over centuries to destroy natural brain development in males and to make strong males less threatening (and extremely docile) toward the tyrannical forces who tortured them in the first place.

Psychiatrist Discusses The Trauma of Circumcision –

Circumcision Proven to Negatively Alter Brain Function and Brain Development –

Scientists Explains The Torture Aspect to Circumcision –

Psychology Based Medical Journal Documents The Psychological Destruction of the Child By Circumcision –

What even worse is that hard core proponents of circumcision declare that it’s a good defense against HIV and the HPV virus…….which demonstrates the power of one lie, to be built upon another lie.

At this added link, the concrete proof that both HIV and AIDS have never existed in the format we’ve been indoctrinated to believe.

At this added link, the concrete proof HPV doesn’t cause cervical cancer what so ever and that any fear over the HPV viruses is purposely fabricated to sell one of the most toxic vaccines on the planet…..the HPV cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil.

At this added link we see this ancient blood ritual and torture of male infants is now monetized and incentivized –

Heaven is a ghost town, hell is empty….and the devils are here.

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Posted by American Circumcision on Sunday, December 16, 2018

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