He Really Loves Her…..But It’s Most Likely Not Going To Work

I was watching a guy last week gush over his girlfriend on social media. He had a very deep passionate love for her and he wasn’t afraid to let it show. I know the lady and unfortunately that’s not “her brand”. She’s never been comfortable having people love her or make her feel secure, simply because she never felt secure or loved in a safe way when she was growing up. Because “not feeling loved and wanted” was more familiar to her..she’s had a series of boyfriends in the past who gave her what she subconsciously was used to, which of course were feelings of inadequacy and lack. In short, she would chase after the losers, while better companions were often left scratching their heads. So flash flash forward to last week when I see this guy gushing over this lady on social media and of course I’m laying down bets in my head that this relationship isn’t going to last long……but not because he doesn’t love her. It’s because he loves her more than her brand…..more than what she’s used to, more than her programming will allow. He wants to give her Louis Vuitton and she’s used to Under Armour. What he’s giving…she’s not buying because it’s not her brand.

We all say we want the good life but there’s a secret to our self sabotage. Our childhood experiences set our preferences, rituals, customs, deserve levels, norms and brands. Once this is all set, it takes plenty of work to break free of our childhood programming and to let the good life into our house when it comes knocking. If we don’t do the inner work required, we often slam the door in the face of our best life, when it comes for a visit. Then when we’re alone and depressed again, only then do we realize what we’ve lost. But usually by that time, it’s too late. This can be a pattern if we don’t understand what drives our behavior and how to reprogram our subconscious for something better.

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