Guy Asks Me Today How I Handle Holiday Parties….Without Drinking Booze

A guy came up to me today and asked what I do over the holidays, in regards to not drinking alcohol. I haven’t drank in about 10 years. He was explaining that he doesn’t drink alcohol either (has recently quit) but that doesn’t stop people from pressuring him to drink or inquiring as to why he doesn’t have a drink in his hand etc etc.

I told him that the need to fit in with the herd is genetic. Being one with the herd, in the past….increased our chances of survival, warmth, food, safety, security and the chances of procreation. This is where the pressure comes from. In the past, if you’re weren’t aligned with the tribe and their customs…….you would literally be placing your life at risk and that’s why not participating in the herd ritual brings about a fear response, especially when a tribe member comes over to inquire why you’re not doing what everyone else is doing. The fear response triggers the very inept and reflexively obedient part of the brain, pushing us to conform to what’s being asked of us, in order that we turn the fear part of the brain off or at least calm it down a bit. When we’re put in fear, we very likely to comply……..but what happens when the request to comply equates to you destroying your own human potential? The truth is simple today. Our genetic reactions “to fit in” are what’s putting us at MOST risk in our modern jungle……and being one with the moronic, bankrupt, drunk, high and corrupt herd is what threatens our more than any other factor. The fear of not fitting in no longer makes any sense because the tribe doesn’t affect our life in the way it used to, in our ancient past.

The entire idea of finding your personal sovereignty and inner self-hood (outside the tribe) is all about knowing how the brain works and then making the most logical decision anyway……..even though some unhealthy and unmotivated individuals may mock you for not running off the cliff with them. Below is good example of a human’s genetic need to fit in and how that genetic need can make you do really dumb things. The solution is knowledge and directed action to be your best, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

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