Government and Elite Pedophile Activity Explained

First lets just review some choice examples below because of course the government pedophile activity is protected by the main stream media because a pyramid of complete control exists, where the person below someone on the pyramid is threatened daily (indirectly or directly) to comply to all wishes of the people who serve above them. Welcome to the “hedonism gone wild” and satanic society, which masquerades daily as civilized, cutting edge and forward thinking. It’s time people start to pay attention…..

1. Child Pedophile Ring Involving An Ex Prime Minster of Australia – Click here to view.

2. Closest Staffer of Hillary Clinton Involved in Child Trafficking, Pedophilia and Dark Occult Satanic Rituals (drinking breast milk, semen and blood etc etc) – best report click here.

3. UK Government Pedophile Ring Involving Child Trafficking, Pedophile Parties and Child Ritual Murder –  Click here….

4. Ex Deputy Minister of Education in Ontario Charged with Child Pornography. Convicted on evidence that included him admitting to having sex with his own daughters and the desire to have sex with his grandchildren. This man tabled sex ed changes for the province of Ontario that professional psychologists place in a category of how, “pedophiles groom their victims by making them interested in perverse sexual conduct, from too early an age”. –

5. A TV Documentary About Pedophiles in The White House Fed Through The Trafficking of Abducted Children, Which Was Produced and Then Pulled From TV Before It Was About To Air –

6. Australian MP stands in Australian Parliament and Reviews How The Country’s NEW Sex Ed Curriculum is Sexually Perverse, Inverted and Again Is How Pedophiles Groom Their Victims. These sorts of inverted and perverse sex ed changes are being found in all former commonwealth nations over the last 4-5 years.

7. Documentary Regarding Child Abduction Rings in North America That Funnel Stolen Children to High Ranking Government Officials for Pedophilia, Illegal Government Operations and Child Ritual Murder.   Click here…

8. Similar Activity Is Confirmed in This Book, Which Includes An Ex Prime Minister of Canada Participating in Child Sex Among A Very Large Group Of Other World Leaders – Click here to read the entire book for free…

9. Ex Head Of the FBI Recounts His Investigation Into Pedophile Rings and Child Ritual Murders Involving Government Officials, Religious Officials and High Ranking Members of Their Communities – Click here…….

10. The Toronto Star in Canada Runs A Story Trying To Steer Opinion By Coming Out and Discussing if Pedophilia Is A Sexual Orientation. Why would they do that? People who do the research already know the answer. –

11. A Swiss Documentary Recounting the Same Topic of Sinister Sexual Education Curriculum For Children, Which Have Documented Pedophile and Perverse Agendas – Click here…..

12. UK Pedophile Ring Involving Sports Figures and Elite Members of UK Society.

13. Health Advocates Accused of Implanting Children With Birth Control Devices In Order to Encourage Pedophilia –

14. Australia and UK Are Literal Hot Beds of Pedophilia Based Activity. People who do the research understand why. –

15. Learn More About The Man Who Was Hired By Special Pedophile Interest Groups To Convince World Governments That It Was Their Duty to Educate Children on Perverse Sexual Conduct. A known pedophile himself and sexual sadist of the highest order, Alfred Kinsey. You best be sitting down when you watch this and yes, this is the man who convinced your government to bring sexual education to the children inside government schools. Click here……

16. At this added link a investigative researcher (MattWhatitis) finds discovers YouTube algorithms are pushing child pornography content upon YouTube viewers and this hidden computer based push has pedophiles coming to selected videos in droves.

17. Canadian Pedophile Ring Involving Staffers from Many Levels of Government –

18. Hollywood Pedophile Ring Explained by Child Star Corey Feldmen – Hollywood is responsible for moving the pedophile, anal sex, bestiality agenda onto a public who’s completely in the dark about why this is occurring  Click here…….

19. A 1989 Documentary About UK Based Pedophile Ring With All The Government, Corporate and Media Power Connections So Our Most Immoral and Satanic Can Hide Among Us. Australian 60 Minutes segment called “Satan’s Children”. Click here………..

20. A Well Made Documentary About Pedophiles in Hollywood. This documentary interviews several psychologists who explain how pedophiles “groom” their victims. This pedophile “grooming” process, is how modern sex ed curriculum changes (in many former commonwealth countries) have been described by other psychologists. Documentary is called, “An Open Secret- Pedophiles in Hollywood”  Click here……

21. Liberal Government in Canada reduces the legal age for anal sex, under the cover of equal rights and anti discrimination. That’s called “reframing”, the use of flowery and altruistic words to hide a very sinister, evil and dark agenda. Why would the Canadian government want to take the time to change the age for legal anal sex? What Canadian do you think asked the ruling government to do this? Yes, the answer is NO ONE.

22. A well made short film (The War on Children) about the perverse and inverted sex ed curriculum changes being instituted around the world by our global puppeteers, pushing the Alfred Kinsey sex based attack on the defenseless children. The organization who made this documentary can be found by clicking here.

23. Over 5000 government employees caught downloading or purchasing child pornography in The Pentagon alone. The investigation stops for no reason, citing “lack of funds”.

24. Largest pedophile film and photograph hoard ever found in history, after Norway sting operation. Government officials and people in power positions over children charged. The bust netted 150 terabytes of pedophile based computer images and film. To place that in perspective, the US Congressional Library currently holds 600 terabytes of general information.

25. Child Protective Services in the US coming under fire, being accused of trafficking children in the’ care of CPS for pedophile based sexual assaults…as a business for profit scheme..

26. Given the above commentary about Norway and child services, this next attached video is more disturbing, regarding Norwegian authorities abducting children on charges that are said to be completely fictitious and fabricated. Click here………

27. Child trafficking survivor talks about abduction at the age of 6 and how she was passed around a European pedophile ring for 5 straight years, for child rape and other satanic activity. This ring included high ranking government officials, police and celebrities. The ring also conducted child sacrifice ritual murder.

28. An investigation of a pedophile ring in Dunblane comes forward with a report is banned from public viewing for 100 years. This pedophile ring was said to involve secret societies, government officials, police, celebrities, the teachers of the children and high ranking members of the court. So a publicly funded inquiry of child abuse and murder, which the public isn’t permitted to view for 100 years.

29. Germany father, after his son is abducted, hunts for more information and stumbles across an ancient religion of child sacrifice, child sex and child abuse……in the highest bastions of power and celebrity, within our inverted and perverse society. Click here……

30. Just last month the state of California enacts a law that will forbid charging minors with prostitution……..but why? If there is a 12 year old prostitute, why would the elite not want the child sex worker charged? Because if the child is charged, it goes to court, where everything would be uncovered…….regarding who are the people having sex with children, which the above list testifies too already.

31. A massive child sex ring organized by United Nations peacekeepers in Hati and other areas devastated by natural disasters. Click here to view.

32. At this link, a group of nuns and priests are charged with sexual assault after the nuns were caught making children as young as 5 to wear diapers, so the blood from their sexual assaults didn’t leak through their pants, to alert other workers inside the CATHOLIC ORPHANAGE.

33. At this link teachers at a South African school are charged after impregnating 30 students.

34. At this link,  TED TALKS presents a speaker who gives a heart felt speech, attempting to manipulate the public to have sympathy for pedophiles. Why such a big push to mainstream pedophilia as a sexual orientation, right after the last big psy-op, for the public to accept all sexual orientations as progressive and normal? Why does the top of the ruling pyramid want to legitimize having sex with children? Connect the dots……and the picture is crystal clear.

35. At this added link, a high finance banker out of the EU comes forward to testify about government corruption, ruling family covert activity, child sex and child ritual sacrifice. His most famous quote is “misery (for the public) is the business plan of the ruling elite.

36. At this added link we see the average “hyper normalized” religious based pedophiles. Something so common, people aren’t even paying attention to it anymore.

37. An eye witness testifies to the fact that the Royal family abducted children from a Canadian orphanage. This abduction also talked about in this documentary. 

38. Big business is getting behind the pedophile agenda…….

39. With government and power positions taking the lead…..child trafficking is now exploding

This article could literally be the length of a book…………….

Cardinal George Pell Convicted

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Disgraced paedophile priest #GeorgePell could be jailed today after becoming the most senior catholic convicted of child sex abuse.

Posted by Sunrise on Tuesday, February 26, 2019

An eye witness account of what most in our society don’t understand and believes can’t occur…..because it’s too dark.  SRA is short form for Satanic Ritual Abuse and it’s a form of trauma based mind control designed to program another human into full slavery toward their abusers, for life. Many of these abuse victims because sex slaves, drug couriers, assassins, professional black mail artists (usually involving secretly filmed sex acts that are designed to black mail high ranking government or corporate officials) or spies inside various levels of government, within the secret service hierarchy.

MUST WATCH!!! SRA VICTIM COMES FORWARD EXPOSES HER MURDEROUS PEDOPHILE OES FREEMASON FAMILY!The time has come that I tell you who my perpetrators are, where these events took place, and everything that happened in chronological order. I hope that someone will save my videos in case anything happens to me, because I'm putting myself in extreme danger by bringing the darkness to light. My purpose in life in much greater than myself. It is what God wants me to do, to be a voice for the children who didn't have one, to stand up and be counted as a whistleblower against the evil forces that run the entire world. I know that I will face repercussions for speaking out, but there are many of you who are just like me, and even if only one person is helped by my videos, my heart is happy and I have accomplished what I set out to do. I knew that when I was a little girl that this day would come, exposing my perpetrators for who they really are. What's more is that my experiences are part of a global and ancient satanic tradition of the most disgusting and heinous acts against children.My heart goes out to all of you that have been subjected to this evil.To all of my fellow extra-judicial targeted individuals, I love you.To all of my fellow brothers and sister in Christ and God almighty, I love you.To all of the evil people in the world who are working in the darkness against mankind, God will cut you down and it will happen sooner than later.Karly NoelPublished on Feb 11, 2019

Posted by Freemason Hunters on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I could make this list hundreds of items long but the point is to highlight the very simple reason this is occurring. It may be hard for some people to take but the truth has no agenda. The people at the top of the ruling pyramid are from ancient families who believe in pedophilia, child sacrifice. black magic and the abuse of children. (just to name a few of their immoral belief systems) They do these things because 1) they believe in a form of satanic hedonism, a self serving pleasure belief system that includes doing anything that pleasures self, regardless of activity, impact upon victim etc etc 2) the early sexual contact and abuse rewires the young developing mind to be reflexively obedient to command and authority, making either lifelong sex slaves or simply life long order takers, who don’t question or resist their immoral directives. In academic circles this is known as, “trauma based mind control” (PTSD). Such trauma victims often become drug couriers, assassins, double agents…completely dark, with several personalities… etc etc 3) many of these satanic sexual and sacrificial encounters involving children are also recorded and are continually used to keep high ranking government and business officials in line with the much larger and much darker long term agenda and 4) having sex with a child or killing a child changes the brain of the adult as well, cremating all care within the psyche, making the abuser a perfect pawn inside a game where people with empty hearts are required to achieve the set agendas. There are other reasons as well but lets start with those 4.

The reason our handlers are going to such great lengths to infect as many of the population as they can with these perversions is because of a proven and documented psychological sleight of mind. In a moral society, this ruling class of immoral pedophiles would stand out and be removed from power, so a psy-op was orchestrated to literally corrupt the entire society. A full spectrum dominance based operation to make the public as perverted and immoral as the ruling families, so that the public in their new perverted state of mind, could never see the difference between their immoral rulers and themselves. This is why our current society is drowning inside a wide array of “hedonism gone wild” influences to this very day. This is the psy-op. To make the average person unable to judge moral from immoral and even good from evil. To make a person a pleasure machine based on, “if it feels good, do it, even if it’s immoral and causes harm.” To make us just like them, so they can finally come above ground to walk among us. We don’t change them, they change us….sort of operation. This allows this ancient breed of immoral, criminal and unethical person (from ancient ruling families) to walk openly among us and to have us comply to their full global take over because we’re becoming just as perverse, immoral and unethical as they are. That was always the plan. How they doing so far?

If you really have an open mind and want to understand the historical context of the people now in control (who have sex with children, as well as sacrifice them in satanic ceremony) please click this link. Our planet’s history is not what we’ve been told and the evil group in charge are the ones who have tried to block all information about their true origins.

Hell is empty and the devils are here”……………William Shakespeare

Religion institutions have always been an epicenter of child abuse, including sexual abuse for reasons hidden from the public.

Documentary called The Silent Children….where 4 of the primary contributors to the movement have suddenly passed away.

Mel Gibson describes exactly what is going on behind the scences in Hollywood…..where most people simply can’t comprehend when the truth is spoken and there are many more like Gibson who fully explain who and what is behind the sex and sacrifice of children. (and infants)

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  1. Maria

    Cannot thank you enough for doing this.

  2. Sarah

    I gasped, my mouth hanging open reading this.

  3. Melvin

    It’s a terrible evil problem but I just didn’t find where it talked about Reagan in there anywhere that was the headlines on this story wouldn’t it don’t you call that clickbait ?

    • Jason Christoff

      The TV special about that pedophile ring is in the links. Watch that.

  4. Tony Piastowski

    Unbelievably insane! Thank you for spreading the word through this fantastic article! Veterans4childrescue (follow them on Facebook, they’re great) fights these scum of the Earth but we need more people to awake! Most people ignore it because it is demented and saddens them but ignoring it worsens the destruction.

  5. Diana

    Thank you for bringing light to the dark side of mankind and the naivety of mankind. Turning a blind eye because its too hard to accept is what perpetuates this evil. I pray that the Lord uses more people like you to bring light to the plight of innocent children so these rings will be torn down quickly

    • Lyn

      #34 The link is broken. I found a Ted Talks video that addressed the issue with the solution of getting psychological therapy for those with pedophilia tendencies before they offend. I see this as the best solution for those in mainstream society. The ones in government and secret societies will never be able to seek therapy because of the repercussions. These organizations need to be dismantled, not just forced upon us to find acceptance. Children are being abused and murdered in these child sex rings. We’re talking about perversion and immoral behavior that needs to be exposed.

  6. Brandee

    Appreciate your boldness and bravery in spreading such deep truth. As I read this I am compelled to pray for you and your family as this kind of truth will surely invite opposition on many levels. Most are not ready to hear this, but many are waking up. Thank you for your boldness!

  7. Freddy
  8. Dan

    Yeshua will not be returning with the sword in vain.

    Pizzagate is real and more and more people are seeing this develop with a one world government.

    All funded with taxes.

    All rests upon one verse in Pauline Christian doctrine of limitless submission to governing authorities, even when proved to be inherantly evil.

    Only the return of Yeshua can stop this now.

    • Jason Christoff

      I don’t think you understand who Yeshua really is potentially………

  9. Mike

    Could this all be related to the prophesized “rapture” and how some say that human sacrifices should be commenced immediately in the temple of Giza? Seems to play into events taken recently. I am sure there are those who take this mindset very seriously…

  10. topher-rman

    look up “bohemian grove” is a real place that exists in northern calif. they dont meet there anymore due to being found out.. there are so many new places that are more secured.

  11. Quezada

    So what do we do? What can we do?

    • Jason Christoff

      First know that pedophiles always gather around groups of children and pedophiles also covet and pursue occupations within government, big business and religion…… those disguises help them get closer to the children, by helping bring a parent’s guard down.

  12. Naresh Lathia

    We need to clean out more than the swamp

  13. Yes0man

    Gaining and preserving wealth and power by worshipping satan/iblis/.. is a relatively easy way. To sacrifice your soul. But it doesn’t come for free. Sooner or later however you will have to pay the price.

    You won’t be able to do something about the elite ones who involve in this, who belong to the top of the food chain / pyramid.
    They will however be merciless against “ordinary” people who have an affection with pedophily so that we can point our finger to that person. Think if Larry Nassar, for example.

  14. Tony Wilsn

    Ted Gunderson was the FOIC of the LA field office of the FBI, not the “former head” of FBI

    • Jason Christoff

      That whole article and that’s your only comment. We can see you’re not interested in protecting the children. Beta male….please move along.