Ford Closes Gyms Again and Keeps Liquor Stores Wide Open……

Doug Ford said this today below in the quotes…….while keeping the liquor stores open, the fast food restaurants open and the junk food  stores open, while closing gyms and all exercise facilities in HOT SPOT areas. Junk food, alcohol and cigarettes kill 21 million people every year on this planet…..but those items are wide open for consumption. Hot spot areas are where fraudulent RT-PCR tests are cranking out higher numbers of false positives cases.  As for how “healthy” alcohol is, some choice citations below. Gyms closed but liquor stores wide open, when liquor is proven to cause cancer, increase viral disease and cause premature death. Let’s keep the hospitals open, right Doug? Anyone thinking this is about “health” is in a comfort coma and is not interested in anything having to do with real freedom.

“The situation is extremely serious and further action is required to avoid the worst case scenario,” Ford said in making the announcement. “We cannot put in-class learning at risk, we can’t risk widespread outbreaks in our long-term care homes, we cannot risk overwhelming our hospitals. To protect our most vulnerable and protect what matters most we have to get the community spread under control.”

1. Alcohol is proven to cause cancer.

2. Alcohol is proven to cause brain damage, even in moderation.

3. Alcohol is proven to shorten life span in any amount.

4. Alcohol is proven to cause depression, schizophrenia and wide range of mental health disorders.

5. Study confirms the deaths of women by alcohol is sky rocketing, which was always the design.

6. Alcohol now proven to reduce life span and increase disease in any amount, just like cigarettes.

7. Alcohol is proven to increase the incidence and severity of viral infection.

8. Alcohol kills 3 million people every year.

9. Top government staffer in the UK fired for explaining to the UK government that alcohol is the most dangerous drug on our planet.   Still think the government is trying to keep you “healthy and safe”? Anyone who lives out lies as truth will always be overweight, sick and broke.


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